CNN poll puts Carter, Nunn ahead

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 24, 2014
State Sen. Jason Carter, left, and incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal, right, will meet in the Nov. 4 election.

State Sen. Jason Carter, left, and incumbent Gov. Nathan Deal, right, will meet in the Nov. 4 election.

A poll released by CNN shows that Democratic candidates in two high profile state races have a slight lead over their Republican opponents going into the Nov. 4 election.

The survey of 565 likely voters shows that they favor Democratic state Sen. Jason Carter over incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal, 48 percent to 46 percent. Andrew Hunt, the libertarian in the race, would draw 6 percent of the vote, according to the poll.

Michelle Nunn, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, is ahead of Republican David Perdue 47 to 44 percent. Like the governor’s race, there’s a libertarian running for U.S. Senate,¬†Amanda Swafford, who received support from 5 percent of respondents.

To read the full break down from CNN, click here.

Many pundits are predicting a runoff this year, which would be required if neither candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote.

Poll Tracker, a phone app that tracks and averages all polls in the major races, shows Carter and Deal tied, 45.8 percent to 45.3 percent. Poll Tracker gives slightly better odds for Nunn, showing her ahead 47 percent to 44.2 percent.


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  • Chris Billingsley

    Polls indicate what the candidates, and their media toadies, want to show. This election will be decide by whose supporters show up to vote. I keep reading that for the Dems to win, they will need more than the liberals of Decatur to vote on November 4. Recent elections show that the strength of the Democratic base, black voters, stay home during mid term elections. Even if they show up, I question why they would have any enthusiasm for Carter or Nunn. And Ms. Wilson is too far down the ballot to receive the attention of the casual voter. But we shall see.
    I’m not a big supporter of any candidate but I will vote on November 4. I view voting as a sacred right and obligation, just as important as the First and Second Amendments. Many conservative Georgians feel the same way. Will the last minute emotional appeals of the Democratic Party be enough to get their base to the polls? If the past is any indication, their voters will stay home. And if this happens, CNN and others will blame it on anything but the issues that really matter.

    • underscorex

      “This election will be decide by whose supporters show up to vote.”

      “Usually the team that scores the most points wins the game.” – John Madden

      So conservatives see voting as a sacred right and Democrats see it as an emotional appeal? Do you even hear what you sound like? Do you read this stuff before you post it? It’s every bit as much partisan hackery as you love accusing the left of.

      The Democratic candidates are just this side of 70s Republicans, but that’s apparently too liberal for those who demand we take this state back to the 60s – the 1860s. At least we have Mississippi to make us look good, I suppose.

      • michael

        Right, the 19th century, the good old days…

  • Chris Billingsley

    OK. So it’s Friday, around 11:00 PM, October 31 and time to decide about election signs for the yard. I’ve studied the issues and read about the positions of the candidates. I think I know who I want to vote for but I STILL HAVE SOME DOUBTS! Do I drive to Lithonia or Dunwoody to get some final advice and signs? WHAT SHOULD I DO DECATUR!!!
    But then, a knock on the front door. Should I answer? It’s pitch black outside and the wind is howling so my first instinct is to get the shotgun but no. I walk to the door and peek through the curtains. No one is there. I think, “Go to bed. There’s no point in risking the family’s safety by opening the door but something changed my mind. I can’t explain why but I decided to unlock the door. I let the it open slowly, like a character in a scary movie opening a door when he knows he shouldn’t. Suddenly a thin crack of light illumanates a young man standing on the porch. He was much older than someone I expected for Halloween candy but his ragged clothing and pitiful expression made me think this is one down and out dude. “What do you want?”, I demanded. He starred at me, like a zombie who hadn’t feasted in weeks but finally said, “I need a job, not welfare, Obamacare, food stamps or anything else these liberal, left-wing politicians are promising. Help me, please!” Then I heard a voice from the back of the house, “Close the damn door you fool. It’s cold outside.” But before closing the door, I told the young man, “I will help you.”
    I now know the direction I will travel tomorrow to get yard signs.

  • And that’s the rest of that story:) CNN is without a clue… or are they just trying to sway the vote. I vote the latter:) Must be a disappointing night for those CNN stooges, because it wasn’t even close:)

    • There were a lot of polls that were way off in predicting what happened. Either the polls were flawed or the voters they talked to didn’t actually go out and vote.

      • Naw, it was just CNN wishful thinking. They were trying to discourage the conservatives. We all know where CNN stands:) Stay tuned for a lot of crying and comments about how this was not a vote “for” republicans… oh and some tea party bashing from both sides:)

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