Dear Decaturish – Lakeside will listen to Medlock

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 1, 2014
An older map showing the boundaries of a proposed city  of Lakeside. This map is being revised. Photo from LakesideYES

An older map showing the boundaries of a proposed city of Lakeside. This map is being revised. Photo from LakesideYES

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Dear Decaturish,

I wanted to correct a point that it appears you’ve attributed to (Medlock Park Neighborhood Association President) Lynn Ganim  in this post – “The original Briarcliff maps included Medlock, but Lakeside doesn’t want them.”

It is correct that Medlock (and Clairmont Hills, Druid Hills, Woodland Hills, etc.) were not in the original Lakeside map. The statement that “Lakeside doesn’t want them” is false.

I have met with Lynn, Anne and others and Lakeside continues to stand by this position:

We believe that other communities who are not in the current Lakeside map have the right for self-determination of their status and future.

Communities in the North Decatur/Medlock/other could have a number of options – be part of a new city, potentially annex into Decatur or Atlanta (although we know that Decatur is currently only interested in commercial areas) or remain unincorporated for the time being and decide at a future time what would be their best option.

LakesideYES encourages these communities to poll/petition/survey their residents in order to determine the desires of their community. If this internal polling does indicate a strong desire to be included in a new city, we believe that would be the time to meet with you and begin a serious conversation with the community, legislators, consider financial viability and determine boundaries. Obviously, this effort must begin immediately.

Regards, Mary Kay Woodworth
For LakesideYES

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  • Lee

    Considering the multiple times Woodworth has dissed Medlock and Scottdale, this is quite a change. She’s repeatedly said that “those people” aren’t “like” her people. The next question is whether this bit of crow-eating means something. And her comment that Decatur only wants the commercial areas takes some cahunas. She designed her city by first trying to get Century Center, then LaVista and Lawrenceville corridor in Tucker, and finally Toco Hills with none of the people around it. She only agreed to take in Merry Hills because Mike Jacobs forced her. What a crock!

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