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Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 16, 2014
DeKalb Farmers Market owner Robert Blazer. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

DeKalb Farmers Market owner Robert Blazer. Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

During the Oct. 15 Avondale Estates City Commission work session, representatives of property owners around Rio Circle gave commissioners two letters.

One letter came from the Rio Circle petitioners. The other came from the DeKalb Farmers Market. Both asked that Avondale commissioners remove these properties from the city’s annexation plan. received both letters this morning.

From DeKalb Farmers Market:

YDFM Letter

From the Rio Circle petitioners:

Rio Circle Letter

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  • hcbiii

    Stopped reading after “Avondale annexation plan that includes are properties.” OUR

    • underscorex

      I’m more concerned about the use of Comic Sans, personally.

      • red

        That makes two of us, I immediately discounted whatever they had to say.

        • michael

          Lucky for me that you kibitzers have no say in the outcome. And if all you can do is criticize a typo or font, you are not sufficiently up to speed in the subject to contribute……

  • Michael

    So a typo means what? The letter has no validity? OR you are just afraid if the subject? Not everyone writes for a living, and not everyone proofs.. and even pros have typo’s! So what is your point?

    • Patsy Neal

      The letter still maintains its intent and validity by its author. As a reader of the document, it’s difficult to read beyond the author’s numerous typographical errors. I instead wonder if the author is educated enough to be making decisions, advising and representing the owners as a Trustee on something as important as an annexation. Despite this, Ms. Blazer’s point is clear and Avondale is duly notified.

  • FontofKnowledge

    Is a formal letter still a formal letter if said formal letter is written in comic sans?

  • Patsy Neal

    Beyond the comic sans and typographical errors, I want to say the businesses and their owners along Rio Circle, Laredo and MDFM are a great asset to our area and much appreciated. Whatever annexations happen or don’t happen, their businesses need our patronage to thrive and we need thriving businesses to sustain our economy. Keep it local!

  • Angela PM

    As someone who is interested in Avondale Estates for my business, I don’t really understand why these businesses prefer Decatur in the first place.

    I think the Blazers are just put out because Avondale added them without consent. They have been saying to the press that they favour Briarcliff! Why they’d pop up with a letter proclaiming Decatur is their choice is beyond me.

    The typos and such are a sad indication that things like grammar and style are out the window these days. Recently I’ve had a guy try to conduct a business meeting via TEXT. No lie. ::sigh::

    Anyway, I am sad that Avondale has managed to alienate so many businesses. This has been a long term problem and has stymied growth of the city.

    I wish Avondale Estates would get it together. I’d really like to open a business there.

    • michael

      As the object of unrequited affection by Avondale, and a principal in the petition drive I will attempt to answer your questions. First, Avondale is not equipped to handle commercial properties! Evidence is the commercial district they already have! Second, they have NOT proved they know what they are doing regarding zoning and other requirements of commercial property owners and business’s. Third, they are interested in the money and not the needs of business’s. Fourth, the attempt is hostile, clandestine and not interested on anyone’s opinion than their own!

      I am not speaking against the people of Avondale and have met many when I spoke at public meetings. A saying my mother had ” your eyes are bigger than your stomach”, regarding food applies to Avondale politicians and their so called plans. I have spoken with near 100% of commercial property and business owners in the desired area. The supermajority does not want anything to do with being annexed into Avondale. Proof is what you can see, not what you hear….. Proof is what Avondale’s administration has no clue about commercial areas is the areas they govern NOW.

  • Wayne Kerr

    Comic Sans never leads to anything good. I bet the strip club wouldn’t even use that font!

  • travelingfool

    Just because someone is not formally educated doesn’t mean they aren’t an astute businessperson. Avondale is just now heading forward, remember you’re still light years away from Decatur, yet 20-25 years ago you were pretty much on the same level. They moved forward and ya’ll didn’t. I wish you the best, but it’s been that type of attitude that has held you back.

  • michael

    As the author of the maligned letter is COMIC SANS. I agree with King Joffrey! What he said!

    • Wayne Kerr

      PhilliBoo font will show them that you’re serious.

      • red

        Why not go all out and use Wingdings, Wingdings 2, or Wingdings 3. Better still, lets get crazy, and use a mixture of all three.

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