(VIDEO) – Vandals trash Edgewood garden

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 2, 2014
Photo of the Edgewood Community Learning Garden, obtained via http://wyldecenter.org/

Photo of the Edgewood Community Learning Garden, obtained via http://wyldecenter.org/

The Edgewood Community Learning Garden has been vandalized six times in recent weeks.

The suspects, believed to be a group of kids, have thrown rocks around the garden and into a pond that’s currently being installed. The suspects have hooked up a hose and started filling up the pond with water, which can’t have water in it while it’s being built. They’ve stolen a yellow chain holding up a tire swing. They’ve broken the lock off the chicken coop and have stolen tools from the garden. They’ve even pulled vegetables out of the ground.

The garden, which is operated by the Wylde Center in Decatur, recently underwent a major renovation, Green Space Manager JC Hines said.

“The site manager, Monica (Ponce) works tirelessly to keep that space maintained and beautiful,” Hines said. “I think it’s a little disheartening that it’s happening.”

Ponce filed a police report on Oct. 1. Hines said one of the neighbors captured the suspects on video.

“We’re in the process of trying to identify who the kids are,” Hines said. “We’ve been passing it around the office to see if we can peg who one or two of them are.”

Here is the video, provided by The Wylde Center:


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  • Chris Billingsley

    Thanks Dan. I’ve had the opportunity over the past six months to watch the Edgewood Community Garden develop under the leadership of Ms. Ponce and her dedicated and hard-working contractors. They have transformed what was essentially a empty lot to what could become the focal point of a really cool neighborhood. It reminds me of what McCoy Park/Oakhurst was like in the Nineties. This area is close to all the chi-chi locations (Decatur, Kirkwood, East Atlanta), the Little Five Points commercial district and downtown Atlanta. The neighborhood is moving in the right direction.
    Not too long ago (for old timers), after a brutal assault and murder, Decatur’s Glenlake Park seemed deserted much of the time. When I told my older brother about buying an old house on the edge of the park, he warned, “Don’t do it. That area is moving in the wrong direction”. For years after buying the house, my mom was afraid of visiting and always reminded me to lock the doors. But like the person who made the video of the vandalism, there were those who decided not to cut and run. Evil cannot triumph if good people say, “I need to go over there”. I wish the people of the Edgewood Community Garden and surrounding neighborhood the best of luck.

  • Aaron Marks

    This is so frustrating, on so many different levels! I *really* wish the person who filmed this had instead turned her phone off and asked the kids what they were up to. That may have changed this tremendously. At the end the person says “she may have to go over there and say something.” I hope she did! Many people may not realize this is how the Wylde Center began, with neighborhood children destroying Sally Wylde’s home garden, and instead of building a fence, she invited the children to participate and turned the space into a true community garden. The on the video didn’t look very old or large…hopefully if this happens again someone will approach them. They must be interested in what’s happening. They took the time and effort to destroy it!

  • Rick Derris

    Disheartening to say the least. This garden has become such a great space and I hate to see it abused like this. Where are the parents of these kids??
    Really grateful of all the hard work that has been put into this garden and I’d be happy to come help clean or repair any damages that were done.

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