New map combines annexation, cityhood proposals

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt November 20, 2014

This post has been updated. 

Decaturish reader Andrew Feury has done all of us a huge favor.

This week, organizers behind a proposal to create a new city in DeKalb County released their map for LaVista Hills. It’s one of several maps floating around that carve up DeKalb. The maps include proposed annexations by the cities of Decatur, Avondale Estates and DeKalb County, as well as the proposed cities of LaVista Hills, Tucker and South DeKalb.

So how in the heck are we supposed to keep track of all of it?

Feury gave us a big assist by creating this custom Google map. It combines all of the maps that are currently on the table. Keep in mind that the maps are constantly evolving and the source material provided by the cities and cityhood groups might be flawed, but it’s nonetheless a heroic attempt to make sense of a complicated, confusing issue.

Take a look. Got suggestions on how to make it better? Email us at Again, everyone be sure to give Feury a huge pat on the back for his efforts. Hopefully this will make understanding all of this a bit easier.

UPDATE at 4:15 pm on Nov. 20: We’ve received numerous emails from various cityhood and annexation groups. Feury has them all and will add them when he has a moment. Please remember to thank him for his efforts at keeping this map up to date.

Map instructions: 

From your Desktop: To zoom in on the map click the “plus” sign in the bottom right hand corner of the map or do a double left click on any uncolored portion of the map. To zoom out, click the “minus” sign in the bottom right hand corner of the map or double right click on any uncolored portion.

You can also zoom in and zoom out by putting your mouse pointer over the map and using the scroll wheel.

To remove all of the coloration from the map, click the tiny box in the upper left hand corner of the map that looks like a bulleted list. It display a drop down menu. When you see the menu, click on the little box that says “proposals.” This will remove the annexation and cityhood proposals from the map. To add the proposals back, simply check the box again.

From your phone or mobile device: Android and iPhone users can zoom in and out by using their thumb and index finger to enlarge and reduce the map, the same process for zooming in and zooming out of photos.

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  • Jim Dillon

    Well-done map, much appreciated!

    • I’m also going to create a specific annexation resources page where this map can live. In the meantime, I’ll try to include it in our stories from here on out. Mad props again to Andrew. What a wonderful resource this is for everyone.

  • Brad

    The map of Chamblee isn’t current. It now looks like a “winged foot”–its the area they annexed and got sued by Brookhaven over.

  • Jon Fidler

    Thanks very much for making this! It’s been difficult to follow the numerous updates and this really helps clarify things. I’ll be sure to check back for updates!

  • GJV

    Thanks for the map. The proposed Brookhaven annexation is such a transparent tax money grab. Hopefully that area goes to Atlanta.

    • notapunk

      I hope it doesn’t go to Atlanta. That’s an immediate tax hike for all who shop there.

  • travelingfool

    I can’t wait to see the map the State will come up with for LaVista Hills and Tucker. Because they couldn’t agree on a map by November 15, Rep Amy Carter is in charge of the group that will make that decision. One of the two of them will probably not like the results. Also, it would be interesting Dan if you could find out what the criteria will be when they make that decision. I believe the date is Dec. 31.

  • Emily

    Not that anyone cares much about my little unwanted neck of the (Midway) woods, but if Avondale annexes in the property that The Museum School is on, does it still remain a Dekalb County School with the same attendance zone? I can (maybe) handle losing DHHS, but TMS? No way.

    • Michael

      TMS is a DeKalb County charter school, and Avondale is part of the DeKalb County school system. No effect on TMS if Avondale annexes Forrest Hills.

  • L.S.

    Our little area, Decatur Terrace, has submitted the paperwork and petitions to be removed from Avondale and added to Decatur. All i’s dotted and t’s crossed. We all know it may be a shot in the dark but we had to try! Decatur makes much more sense for our tiny 4 block hood! I’m sending daily wishes up that our long shot attempt comes through!

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