Boys & Girls Club selling piece of Oakhurst dog park

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt December 1, 2014
The location of the Oakhurst Dog Park. Source: Google Maps

The location of the Oakhurst Dog Park. Source: Google Maps

This story has been updated. 

The Samuel L. Jones Boys & Girls Club plans to sell off half an acre of the Oakhurst Dog Park to a developer who will turn it into single family homes.

Developer Weaver Capital Partners called a meeting Monday evening, Dec. 1, at the club at 6:30 pm. The club is located at 450 East Lake Drive. Attempts to reach Weaver Capital Partners were unsuccessful.

Boys & Girls Club Chief Development Officer Candice Moore told Decaturish that the half acre the club wants to sell is a wooded area adjacent to the property. Moore said the club leases the dog park to the city for $1 a year and in exchange the city maintains the property.

“(The developer is) interested in developing the property to build two single family homes,” Moore said. “I believe they’re going through the process now, speaking to the neighborhood associations and getting it rezoned.”

She said the Boys & Girls Club intends to leave the rest of the park alone.

“The intent is we would maintain part of the dog park that’s in a flood zone, that can’t be developed,” Moore said. “Our goal is to maintain that as the dog park area.”

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  • Melissa

    This stinks for about 20 different reasons.

    • Sine qua non

      Care to elaborate?

  • Andrew

    “How dare this non-profit attempt to generate operating funds,” said countless pet owners using dog park for free.

    • Sine qua non

      Touche’! LOL

    • pinus

      For free? The city maintains the park at no small expense. We pay taxes. Not free. And not enjoyed just by pets- the wooded area is used by at least as many children as pets.

      Additionally, the issue is not that the Boys and Girls Club is selling, it’s that there seems to have been no attempt to negotiate with the city first.

  • Howdy Neighbor

    $800,000 houses with a dog park in the back and a high use soccer field next door. Hope the sound proof the place well

  • Melissa 2

    I hope they cut down all the trees too! I hate those things.

  • Frankly

    Is is flame-worthy to ask if the Boys & Girls Club offered to sell the property to the City or any community groups for FMV before agreeing to sell to a developer?

    • King Tommen

      I feel like the city probably would rather let a developer pay into the tree bank to clear cut the lot, pay permitting fees $1.5M+ of new construction, and pay huge taxes on two new homes in perpetuity than pay to purchase and maintain a parcel for a public amenity.

  • Craig

    It has to be rezoned? What is the process for that and is their public input?

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