Customers pick up tab for Pallookaville truck

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt December 9, 2014
The Pallookaville Food Truck. Source: Kickstarter

The Pallookaville Food Truck. Source: Kickstarter

Jim Stacy wasn’t wild about the idea of asking for help fixing the food truck for his popular Pallookaville restaurant in downtown Avondale Estates.

But the prospect of paying thousands to replace the engine was more than the small business could handle.

Stacy swallowed his pride and set up a Kikstarter campaign with the goal of raising $10,000. As of Dec. 9, it the campaign has raised $9,286 and there’s still 10 days left to go.

“I was surprised that I was able to be talked into doing it, because … we are so fiercely independent that I was pulled kicking and screaming into it,” Stacy said.

The trouble began about three months ago when the Pallookaville crew drove the truck back to Avondale from an event in Hapeville, Ga. The truck is a 1984, diesel-fueled fleet vehicle used by the U.S. Postal Service that’s been converted into a mobile corn dog stand.

An internal fuel pump exploded. The driver of the tow truck didn’t help matters either, Stacy said.

“The wrecker driver was absolutely incompetent and hit four different traffic lights with the exhaust system at the top of the thing,” Stacy said.

Total expenses will be about $11,300. In the meantime, the trucks hasn’t been available for private functions. Pallookaville can attend festivals without the truck, but the truck is an important visual cue for customers.

“We definitely saw a difference in how much business we were doing because people were looking for the truck,” Stacy said. “They looked over the tents and didn’t realize it was us.”

Stacy said he’s had to “eat a little bit of crow” but says he’s pleased by the support his campaign has received from customers and well-wishers.

“They’ve been generous and very supportive of what we’re doing,” Stacy said. “It definitely made the bitter pill go down easier.”

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  • w. lo hsen

    hope Jim gets his truck fixed (based on the donations page looks like a sure thing huzzah!) on a side note….how the heck is damage due to towing not covered by the tow trucks insurance!?!?! the “oh hey, i towed your car, but i hit a fire hydrant with it…well best of luck” Maybe jim can pursue some legal satisfaction due to the incompetence of the tow drive (seriously how do you ignore the thumping you would feel hitting something with your tow?!?!?!)

    • Jim Stacy

      We have to sue them to get any recourse for their actions. You have to sign a release to get your vehicle from a tow truck driver. It is usually is the invoice for the tow. On that invoice there will language that clears the driver and company from any damages that resulted from that tow. We made the driver write down everything that he damaged before signing the receipt – there is a chance that our signing, just to get the truck off his wrecker – will end up being construed as releasing them from responsibility.

      That is an answer that will have to be decided in small claims court.

      Meanwhile… the truck has to be fixed and making money, and there is no telling when or if we’ll see a dime from the towing company.

      Thanks for the support!

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