Decatur School Board calls meeting on annexation

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt December 16, 2014
City Schools of Decatur Board of Education during its July 8 meeting. File Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

City Schools of Decatur Board of Education during its July 8 meeting. File Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The City Schools of Decatur Board of Education will meet bright and early Wednesday morning to discuss the city’s annexation plans.

The School Board will meet at 7:30 am, Dec. 17, at 125 Electric Avenue Decatur, GA 30030 to consider a resolution in support of those plans. All meetings are open to any member of the public who happens to be awake and doesn’t have anything else to do at 7:30 on a weekday morning. Decatur City Commissioners on Monday, Dec. 15, approved the city’s annexation master plan contingent upon support of the School Board.

The School Board had the opportunity to pass a resolution in support of the plan on Dec. 9. But board members wanted more time to study the annexation proposal, which would add an estimated 747 students by 2020.

The Decatur schools system’s current enrollment is around 4,300 students. A consultant’s report on enrollment estimates that the city’s school system will grow to 7,398 students by 2020 without annexation in a high-growth scenario.

The School Board’s proposed resolution suggests that city commissioners will be approving the master plan on Dec. 17, even though the commission actually approved it on Dec. 15. It’s unclear if this means there will be a special called meeting of the Decatur City Commission on Dec. 17 or if this is just a typo in the School Board’s resolution. The City of Decatur’s website doesn’t list any upcoming City Commission meetings.

School Board members also threw in a few stipulations for giving their support to the city’s recently-approved plan. Among them:

– The city would have to identify an area for a new school.

– That the current city commission encourage future commissions to be cautious about rezoning commercial areas as residential areas.

– That the City Commission would put a General Obligation bond on the ballot in 2015 so the school system pay for expanding its facilities.

– That CSD won’t provide educational services to the newly-annexed areas until 18 months after the effective annexation date.

Here is the resolution provided by CSD:




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  • Alex

    When they say new school- does that mean elementary, middle, or high school?

    • This is just a guess, but I imagine it would be middle or high school. I’ll have a chance to ask them in the morning …

      • Hannah

        Earlier documents suggested that it might be a new K-3 and a new 4/5 in the northern annexed area, but I can’t find my source.

    • Darren

      I’m almost sure it means elementary

  • LMJ

    So the board has had time to digest the plan and are ready to vote? Why was the meeting just called today for tomorrow? Your notes from the board meeting stated that the city would like the resolution in place prior to the opening of the General Assembly, which is Jan 12. There appears to be a rush to get this passed rather than a desire for our elected officials to have time for a thoughtful consideration of all the variables. I hope they are prepared to vote it down if they don’t believe they have enough details ironed out.
    The statement about the “General Obligation Bond” on the resolution concerns me. The school system has already made the case that the current schools will not be able to house the students in our community unless additions are built. Seeing that “commitment” to go for a school bond in 2015 as part of the resolution makes it seem like the city only agreed to it if the school board approves annexation, which feels manipulative. I hope I am just reading that wrong.

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