New maps for LaVista Hills, Tucker revealed

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt December 19, 2014

This story has been updated. 

A panel charged with resolving the border disputes between the proposed cities of Tucker and LaVista Hills has approved a proposed map that will resolve their overlapping boundaries.

The cityhood subcommittee met this morning at the state Capitol. The committee voted 3-1.

Committee members Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, D-Decatur, Rep. Mark Hamilton, R-Cumming, and Chairman Rep. Buzz Brockway, R-Lawrenceville, voted in favor of the maps. Rep. Howard Mosby, D-Atlanta, voted against it, saying the maps set a dangerous precedent. The subcommittee voted to waive a rule that requires cityhood to be a two year process so LaVista Hills and Tucker can move forward in the 2015 session of the General Assembly.

But the map does not reflect a recent annexation by the city of Brookhaven that took in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Executive Park. The maps split the contested Northlake Mall area, an important source of commercial tax revenue for a potential new city.

These maps would need to have a sponsor in the General Assembly and, if the cityhood bills pass, they would also need to be approved by voters in a cityhood referendum.

Here is the map revealed at today’s hearing.

click to enlarge

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Here is the updated DeKalb County annexation and cityhood map, which accounts for the Brookhaven annexation.

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  • HB

    Hey Lavista Hills. WHY DID YOU LEAVE MEDLOCK AND SCOTTDALE out? You might have had my vote, even including Pleasantdale which has no connection to us, but then you left out communities that do have a connection to us. Makes you guys look like you are not ultimately concerned about helping your own community. I searched, tried to give the benefit of doubt, but there was zero public push to include those areas. Is everyone really that afraid of that power hungry Mary K Woodworth lady that they couldnt get her to open up to these non republican areas? I really wanted a city, but this is an gerrymandered embarrassment. Forsyth county never recovered from the negative stain they got decades ago in a similar classist move, and now sadly, I wont be able to vote to this plan which will similarly taint our perception and bring down my neighborhood value. Start over and do it riight.

    • itp only

      I’m with you HB. This map is still a joke. The ITP people have been ignored still. Furthermore no one even asked us our opinion if we wanted the OTP in our city even though we make up the far majority of it. Shoot i live in Levitas’s neighborhood and not once did he have a meeting to ask us what we thought about cityhood. ( he organized a couple BBQ’s though) He also never asked us what we thought the boundaries should be. This whole show has been run and pushed by those OTP and this Mary Kay lady who some people I talk to say is looking to create a office for her to run for. The Briarcliff plan was the most inclusive and the most feasible for the majority of us. We should have divided Northlake with Tucker and moved on. Instead these Lakeside people fought for the minority and screwed the rest of us. I sincerely hope some of the biggest lakeside mouths OTP found themselves in the soon to be city of Tucker. Would only be right if it has happened. I would have voted yes to the Briarcliff plan. I will be voting no on this one.

    • underscorex

      Forsyth County has worse reputation problems than being classist, honestly.

      (hint: that whole “98% of the black population fled the county in fear of the KKK/night riders” thing…)

  • Dorf

    Do these maps impact the elementary school boundaries? I cannot figure it out (we are in Oak Grove and want to stay there)

    • No. All schools in these maps would remain in DeKalb County Schools.

    • Teacher Reader

      We do not know the school consequences until we know if Fernbank and Briar Vista annex into Atlanta and if the city of Decatur takes all or part of the commercial property that they want from unincorporated DeKalb. If either or both of these things happen, there will be consequences to the schools. Most likely school attendance areas will change and there could be other changes to the programs offered as well. It’s important for people in Tucker and Lavista Hills to pay attention to the annexations, as they will have an impact on you, whether your child is supposed to attend Druid Hills High School or not.

  • notapunk

    I’m withholding my final judgment until the maps are TRULY final — and a new feasibility study is done. Southern boundaries are still subject to change. Medlock has to decide whether it’s going to give up on beating on Decatur’s door (after having it slammed in their face how many times?)– and TiA’s annexation proposal could easily fail. There’s a lot still up in the air on this.

    • HB

      How do you figure the boundaries are still fluid, notapunk? I watched the stream this morning, and Brockway specifically said these are the final boundaries that would go to referendum, all except for the Brookhaven annexations, which were not noted on the map. Correct me if I’m wrong and there is information that supersedes his statement.

      • RAJ

        I think this map is just another dog and pony show at the city hood circus, If a politician’s lips are moving on live stream he probably just wants to get home for the weekend. Who would be dumb enough to split Northlake twice in the same city hood cycle. LaVista Hills does not have enough Commercial to be feasible long term.

      • JK

        Only the boundary between Tucker and LaVista Hills is set in stone, all other boundaries can still change per Rep Buzz Brockway

      • notapunk

        The boundary that is firm is the one between Tucker and LaVista Hills. The southern boundary for LVH can be adjusted.

        • HB

          Thanks, I must have missed that statement. Suggestion to Lavista Hills. If all good intents truly exist, now would be a great time to publicly welcome neighborhoods, by name, who are currently feel overtly excluded onto the map. Claiming they didn’t ask is not sufficient. My neighborhood wasn’t asked, but it’s in. It would have positve repercussions

  • bobbyT

    Not that it really matters, but your city lines for Dunwoody and Doraville are incorrect in your Google Map.

  • DHer

    Meanwhile today, Merry Hills, Leafmore Hills, North Druid Hills Resident Association, LaVista Park and Laurel Ridge said no thanks to LVH. There doesn’t seem to be much demand for new cities west of Oak Grove.

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