Atlanta Police release report of third carjacking this month at Edgewood

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt January 28, 2015
The Edgewood Retail District. Source: Google Maps

The Edgewood Retail District. Source: Google Maps

This story has been updated. 

Atlanta Police have released another incident report that shows there were at least three carjackings in the Edgewood Retail District this month.

Yesterday, Decaturish reported that there had been at least two carjackings in January. After the publication of the story, readers contacted us about a third carjacking that also occurred this month. There are similarities between two of the carjackings.

On Jan. 24, police responded to a call at 7 pm about a woman was carjacked in in the parking deck underneath the shopping center. A woman reported that she had parked her 2012 black Jeep Grand Cherokee in the parking deck 10 spaces away from a stair case that leads to the Target store at the shopping center. An older model grey four door vehicle pulled up next to her and three men got out. One of them had something that the victim thought was a piece of wood that looked like a knife. The men approached her and the suspect with the knife said, “Give me your keys.”

The report puts the word “knife” in quotation marks throughout, indicating it may have been a fake.

She dropped her purse and handed over the keys. The suspect who threatened her with the knife grabbed the purse and all three climbed into the Jeep Cherokee and drove off. The only description of the suspects is three young, black men wearing dark clothing. She said the one holding the knife had an average build and being a little shorter than six feet tall. He was wearing a black mask during the crime.

Police later found the Cherokee abandoned at 1135 Harwell Street next to a vacant, boarded up house. Police recovered one print and found two marijuana blunts: one in the passenger side door and one in the cup holder. The blunts are undergoing D.N.A. testing, the report says.

The Jan. 24 crime has similarities to an incident that occurred two days later on Jan. 26.

Atlanta Police said a man had has Mercedes Benz taken from him at knife-point in the center’s parking deck.

Officers responded to the call just after 10 pm. According to the report, the man told officers that three young men were sitting in a red hatchback when he pulled into the parking deck. At first he was suspicious, but he wasn’t immediately concerned for his safety. But when he turned his back from them, one of the men grabbed him from behind and put a knife to his throat and yelled, “Give me the keys to your car!”

The victim’s right hand was cut as he was trying to protect his neck. He gave the suspect his keys. The suspect released the victim, pointed the knife at his stomach and said, “Now give me all your money.” The man “desperately searched his pockets and came up with roughly $65.”

The suspect took the money, and jumped into the victim’s Mercedes. One of the other men in the hatchback climbed into the passenger side of the car, and drove away. The third suspect drove away in the hatchback.

The suspects are described as black males, wearing hooded sweat shirts and wool scarves over their faces. The victim could not recall any other details, but there is video surveillance of the crime. Police are reviewing the footage and the investigation continues.

Fox 5 also reported a carjacking that occurred around Jan. 11. The station reported that a University of Georgia Student was carjacked at gunpoint outside of the Best Buy. Decaturish has asked for a report in that case as well as any other carjackings that may have occurred this month. We have also reached out to building management for a response about what steps are being taken to ensure the safety of customers in the Edgewood shopping center. This story will be updated when management responds.

Safety concerns appeared to have died down after the arrests of the suspects in a violent July carjacking, but the latest rash of crimes has renewed calls for better security at the shopping center.

Woody’s Cheese Steaks provided this memo from the building’s management that was sent to tenants at the shopping center.


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  • grngrl

    I am not in anyway victim blaming, but have some sense people and stay out of that underground parking area over there. It is just not safe! The whole underground parking idea was a flawed design from the beginning and should never have been allowed. People are like fish in a bowl down there and make easy prey. A few months back my neighbor told me she always parked down there and I warned her that it was a dangerous spot. Hope everyone else heeds the warning and stops using that parking area. I know topside is packed and chaotic, but that underground area is just too dangerous to use.

    • Nacho

      Agreed; I used to work with a company that used to have an investment in the property and we thought people should not park underneath.

    • TheArtist Assena V

      Occasionally, that upper lot gets packed. Ive had to park down below a few times before, but then, I always look ahead, watch my back constantly,and don’t linger.

  • MaryA

    Why even have the underground parking if you can’t use it?

  • Jared Matthews

    the parking garage was great before they installed the ‘new and improved’ LED light fixtures in 2009 or 2010, and reduced the amount of light by about 50%. they also designed it poorly: it has lots of corners and hiding places, and to gain more parking spaces, they put in fewer columns but made them much bigger. they also have those ventilation ‘towers’ spread throughout which create more blind spots. you couldn’t see if someone was coming up on you until they were on top of you.

  • Jared Matthews

    … I will say this though… I’ll risk the carjackings on Christmas Eve and park in the underground garage to not have to deal with the absolute craziness that is the Kroger parking lot. 😉

  • Robotbaby

    Carjack Kroger

  • Chris

    “Woody’s Cheese Steaks provided this memo from the building’s management that was sent to tenants at the shopping center.”

    Since when is there a Woody’s at ERD? or was someone hungry and craving a cheese steak when they were typing this up?

    • I’m always in the mood for a cheese steak, but I don’t know the answer to the question. They provided us with this image via Twitter.

    • arturo

      I googled Woody’s to see if they opened a second location. No dice.

  • Kyle

    ERD property management needs to invest in real solutions to tackle the plague that has infested the area, which has been years now. Proactive policing is also a must. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, ask it to return to the bush.

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