Report: Greater Decatur resident victim of Mark Wahlberg attack

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt January 20, 2015
Mark Wahlberg. Photo by Eva Rinaldi. Source: Wikimedia commons

Mark Wahlberg. Photo by Eva Rinaldi. Source: Wikimedia commons

Actor Mark Wahlberg has made headlines lately because he’s seeking pardon for a hate crime he committed while he was a teenager in Boston.

But a victim of another of his attacks told the Associated Press that the actor doesn’t deserve to have the crime wiped from his record.

The victim, Kristyn Atwood, lives in greater Decatur and was on a field trip with her fourth grade class in 1986. According to the AP, Wahlberg and his friends attacked the students with rocks and yelled racial slurs at them.

To read the full story, click here.

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  • underscorex

    “Please forgive me so I can get a thing I want.”

    Sounds like my four-year-old.

    “He was young and made a bad decision.”

    Tell that to all the young men locked up in this country for nonviolent drug offenses.

  • Celebritism

    He will get the pardon, he’s a celebrity, for some reason they get passes, pardons, freebies, do-overs, etc…

    • fellowslongworth

      Not “some reason.” Money. That’s the only reason/

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