Two carjackings reported in Edgewood Retail District this month

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt January 27, 2015
Photo obtained via

Photo obtained via

It looks like the Edgewood Retail District is being targeted by carjackers again.

A violent carjacking over the summer led to calls for increased safety at the retail center. Police said they have beefed up controls and worked with the center’s management to increase security. Despite those measures, the area has had two carjackings this month.

Fox 5 Atlanta reported the first carjacking, which occurred around Jan. 11. The station reported that a University of Georgia Student was carjacked at gunpoint outside of the Best Buy.

The second carjacking occurred on the night of Jan. 26.

Atlanta Police said a man had has Mercedes Benz taken from him at knife-point in the center’s parking deck.

Officers responded to the call just after 10 pm. According to the report, the man told officers that three young men were sitting in a red hatchback when he pulled into the parking deck. At first he was suspicious, but he wasn’t immediately concerned for his safety. But when he turned his back from them, one of the men grabbed him from behind and put a knife to his throat and yelled, “Give me the keys to your car!”

The victim’s right hand was cut as he was trying to protect his neck. He gave the suspect his keys. The suspect released the victim, pointed the knife at his stomach and said, “Now give me all your money.” The man “desperately searched his pockets and came up with roughly $65.”

The suspect took the money, and jumped into the victim’s Mercedes. One of the other men in the hatchback climbed into the passenger side of the car, and drove away. The third suspect drove away in the hatchback.

The suspects are described as black males, wearing hooded sweat shirts and wool scarves over their faces. The victim could not recall any other details, but there is video surveillance of the crime. Police are reviewing the footage and the investigation continues.

Safety concerns appeared to have died down after the arrests of the suspects in the July carjacking, but there are now renewed calls for better security at the retail center. Some residents are even discussing the possibility of a boycott until the retail center is better secured.

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  • ATLRenner

    Assuming no one told you about the carjacking on Saturday 1/24 at 7:15pm.

    • Viscount

      That one occurred at the other Kroger just below EAV on Moreland.

      • ATLRenner

        Negative. There have been 3 carjackings at Edgewood Retail District in January. See my tweets related to this @WoodysATL

  • atlkarin

    This just makes me so angry….I was carjacked January 4th in Buckhead on Lenox Road (in the Roasters shopping center). Two men were sitting on the sidewalk across from my car, and I just didn’t think too much about it. It was 5:45pm and people were everywhere.
    When I sat down in the car one of them ran up behind me and threw me out of the car. No weapon was used, thankfully. BUT, after a 5 hour joy ride and a high speed car chase with the police, a knife was found in my car. The kid was only 16. This city is becoming so dangerous, it frightens me…thugs everywhere. For some reason my story was never picked up by the media, so who know how much more this is really happening.

    • Sine qua non

      It’s a dangerous world,

  • Ox Knowledge

    They need to start deporting these people

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