Atlanta Public Schools to someone complaining about the weather: ‘It’ll be colder at Harvard’

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 20, 2015

source: Twitter

Atlanta Public Schools on Friday, Feb. 20, simultaneously set a bar for academic achievement while keeping it real.

Atlanta Public Schools announced via Twitter (@apsupdate) that schools will be open today, despite the frigid temperatures. A Twitter user, XavierXO, complained.

He asked, “Why? If Fulton County schools are closed why must we continue to go?”

APS replied, “Winter advisory has moved to 8 pm instead of 1 pm. See you in a few.”

XavierXO was undeterred.

“But what you don’t seem to understand,” he said, “Is how cold those wind chills its already 16°.”

APS had an answer for that, too.

“Yes, we understand,” APS said. “Bundle up. Consider this practice for when you attend Harvard, Notre Dame or Howard one day. #colderupthere.”

While the response got some positive nods from Twitter users, other people weren’t happy.

Twitter user Lil Lou responded, saying, “APS think we are some polar bears.”

Decaturish asked APS if this is part of a new social media strategy. We’ll update this story when APS responds.

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  • Jim D.

    As a proud alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, I heartily endorse APS’s remarks. Get ready to use your cafeteria tray as a sled (or a shield during snowball fights), XavierXO!

  • underscorex

    Sassy official Twitter accounts are easily the best thing about Twitter. WSB is probably the gold standard for sassy local Twitter.

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