Clairmont Heights wants to join Atlanta

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 24, 2015
Map provided by the Clairmont Heights Civic Association

Map provided by the Clairmont Heights Civic Association

Decaturish just received the following statement from the Clairmont Heights Civic Association.

Feb. 24, 2015

To our elected representatives in the Georgia legislature,

The Board of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association (CHCA) supports our inclusion in the bill authorizing a referendum to annex into the City of Atlanta. Our neighborhood survey from September, 2014, which had a very high participation rate, indicates that our residents favor inclusion in an existing city versus a new one. Our residents feel strongly about retaining access to our elementary school and deserve a voice and vote on this important matter.

You may find our survey results at .

In addition, The CHCA Board believes that the proposed annexation map preserves critical local control over the major access points to Clairmont Heights and decisions regarding future area development. Local jurisdiction over entrances to Clairmont Heights is vital to safety, service delivery, zoning and land development, and traffic issues – especially in long-range planning for proposed major mass transit expansion.

Signed by Board members of the Clairmont Heights Civic Association

Michael Dowling, President

Pete Rumsey, Vice President                                    Jim Smith

Pam Daily, Treasurer                                                 Brian Feagans

Nancy Moore, Recording Secretary                          Ian Sifuentes

Julia Byrne, Corresponding Secretary                       Mike Fink

Clairmont Heights previously asked that the legislature oppose Decatur’s annexation master plan. If their request is honored, Clairmont Heights would join a proposal, spearheaded by Together in Atlanta, that would bring the Druid Hills neighborhood, Emory University and the Centers for Disease Control into the city of Atlanta.

This is a developing story. Keep checking for updates.

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  • Tom Doolittle

    Damn shame it comes to this. Seems to me a rationale countywide annexation plan could be formed which lays out areas that would reasonably be expected to be annexed into existing cities OVER TIME. Damn shame we keep doing this piecemeal.

    • DHer

      Druid Hills, Clairmont Heights and Medlock is not piecemeal. That’s a pretty big chunk. To a certain extent other neighborhoods have to see trends to determine where they belong. I think these neighborhoods are making a pretty dramatic statement that will impact others. A year ago, if someone suggested being annexed in Atlanta, he/she would have been laughed at. Not today.

  • I agree an overarching plan would be great, but at least this is annexation into an existing city. There are too many fiefdoms in Metro Atlanta!

  • m2ap

    Dan, isn’t this the same survey that Clairmont Heights took way back in 2014, and only asked the residents if they would rather go to an existing city, including Atlanta or Decatur, or a new city? Given that at the time COD had not indicated anything either way as to whether it would accept requests by residents to annex, and given that some people in CH petitioned the City of Decatur to annex into COD, it would seem that it is not clear that the response of “existing city” meant Atlanta versus Decatur. Interesting that CHCA is now using those survey results to say the residents want to go to Atlanta instead of taking a new survey.

    • CMR

      After reading the survey (linked above), I completely agree. I think most people at that time may have assumed they were referring to the City of Decatur. Perhaps this could be clarified by someone from Clairmont Heights?

      • RAJ

        This neighborhood has a VERY LARGE hat size. How much influence do they really think they will have in a City of 400,000??

    • Clairemont

      Anyone who thinks there was even a remote possibility that the city of Decatur would take Claremont heights must’ve been smoking something. Decatur made it clear all it wanted was commercial property from the get-go. There was no, zero, chance Clairmont Heights was going to be in Decatur, and most clairmont Heights residents who had any sense knew there was no chance Decatur would take them when the poll was taken. Medlock had already been told no. A couple of uninformed might have believed but all you had to do was talk to city council or school board members or even the city manager and it was clear Decatur had no interest. There was never even a feasibility study including the area and the feasibility study that was done made clear residential was a huge negative

  • Darius

    A board statement is not the same as a statement by the body at large. Also note the name that stands out “Moore”. Are these not the same Moore’s that fought first for a charter school, then to be in City of Atlanta?

    Strange how this all started with the Druid Hills charter cluster which started as a response to Avondale being merged to Druid Hillls. In other words this started in response to a largely poor black district being merged in with all those affluent white children of Emory Professors and Doctors.

    Allow me to enlighten you on the Druid Hills charter school effort. If you had not kids? No vote? Kids? One vote per kid. Teacher? One vote per kid, plus a vote as a teacher. Poll workers were wearing shirts supporting the charter school. PTAs where openly taking sides. Sound like a fair election process to you? Whatever became of “equality”? They had a victory percentage that rivaled the “fair” elections in Venezuela.

    It was all there to see. But no one cares to investigate.

    • Insight

      The charter cluster was a generous volunteer effort to try to bring improvements particularly to two elementary schools – avondale and Mclendon – that have CCRPI failure rates of over 30 percent. 30 PERCENT of kids failing then getting put in class with kids with over 95 percent pass rate. DeKalb did nothing so the parents did. Hard on the kids and harder on the middle school teachersn. The charter cluster proponents could have just made the high school a charter again (like it was in the 1990s) or made high performing Fernbank Laurel ridge and briar vista conversion charters and that would have been EASY both to pass and meet the higher education performance criteria for charters. Instead they focused on bringing up the most disadvantaged. Darius I hope you are not part of the minority community because thinking like yours is holding that community back. Google minorities in science technology engineering and math and you’ll find reams of studies how we are not serving minorities and girls in STEM and it’s hurting their future. STEM with a special arts twist was a core additions that the charter cluster planned to bring to those underperforming schools . As for the vote talk to the general assembly it was done to the ‘t’ if how the statute required. But for good measure the charter cluster had over 75 public meetings including at churches in the lower income areas and involving food trucks and even door to door at section 8 housing. Compare that to
      The one -one – meeting proactive is having with a discrete hand picked group about the superintendent search. They are planning conference calls! How open and participative. Darius you are not really a school district central office employee are you?

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