More details revealed about Avondale MARTA development

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt February 25, 2015
This image comes from the profile of the Avondale MARTA station on the website. It shows the area that will be turned into a transit oriented development.

This image comes from the profile of the Avondale MARTA station on the website. It shows the area that will be turned into a transit oriented development.

This story has been updated. 

The redevelopment of the Avondale Estates MARTA station is going to be big.

How big? Well, it’s being vetted as a Development of Regional Impact by the state Department of Community Affairs. But there’s conflicting information about the size of the project.

According to a DCA filing, the Avondale MARTA Transit Oriented Development will be a, “Mixed use development with 338 apartment units, 34 condominium units, 92 senior housing units, 17,220 square feet retail space, 4,500 square feet restaurant space, 22,550 square feet grocery store and 40,000 square feet institutional space.”

The number of apartment and condo units in the DCA filing differs from information provided last March by Amanda Rhein, senior director of transit oriented development for MARTA. She said the development would have 604 apartment units and 74 condos.

While the MARTA station bears the name of Avondale Estates, it is technically in the city of Decatur.

The development is a partnership between MARTA and the Decatur Downtown Development Authority. Lyn Menne, Decatur’s Assistant City Manager in charge of Community and Economic Development, said it isn’t unusual for the numbers to change on a big project like this.

“I have always operated from a number of about 500 residential units once the project was built out (all three phases) but that number was a total all rental units (market rate apartments and senior rentals) plus condominiums,” she said. Menne said all of this information has been provided to City Schools of Decatur so they can calculate the development’s impact on school enrollment.

The developer is Columbia Ventures. According to the filing, all phases are expected to be completed by 2021.

“Development isn’t imminent and we are just beginning to work through site designs,” Menne said. “It is planned as three phases so those totals would not hit the market all at one time but would rather come on line over the next five years.”

Rhein recently told Decaturish that construction on the $95 million project is expected to begin sometime this year.

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  • Alex

    Wouldn’t something that size on that lot need to be 20 stories tall? 338 apartments plus 32 condos, plus 94 senior housing units plus retail… sounds pretty huge.

  • JC

    Doesn’t look like they are leaving much parking for the MARTA station. Good luck using that station if you have to drive and can’t walk there, particularly as the surrounding area continues to develop around it in the coming years.

    • Eric Strunz

      The parking situation is curious, isn’t it? Even in this satellite photo, it looks like the north lot is full and the south lot has quite a few cars. New development on the south lot could be wonderful for the area, though the station itself might become much less viable for hybrid car/MARTA commuters.

    • atlfc

      There is large parking lot for that station on the E. Ponce side as well. The lot on the E. College side is usually only a third full (mostly overflow from the E. Ponce lot being full)

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