UPDATE: Atlanta Police make an arrest in connection with murder in Kroger parking lot

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt March 26, 2015
An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

An Atlanta Police vehicle. Source: Wikimedia Commons

This story has been updated. 

Atlanta Police have announced the arrest of a suspect accused of being involved in the March 10 murder of Joshua Richey in the parking lot of the Kroger at 725 Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Police have arrested Demarius Thompson, 29, and have charged him with Richey’s murder.

“Mr. Thompson was taken into custody without incident this afternoon while eating lunch,” the Police Department said in a press release. “He was charged with homicide and will be transported to the Fulton County Jail.”

According to police, on March 10 at 2 pm, the victim was shot “after he attempted to confront someone who was breaking into his vehicle. The suspects left the scene in a black BMW with tinted windows and possibly a drive out tag.”

The murder occurred at a Kroger location dubbed “Murder Kroger” by shoppers due to a series of bizarre events at the sore. A murder that occurred in the parking lot in the 1990’s and a dead body that was discovered there in 2002. The store’s ownership recently tried to rechristen it as “Beltline Kroger.”

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  • ZenderTranscender

    We had started shopping there again, but probably no longer will. Several years ago my car windows were smashed and my briefcase was stolen. The security guards hired by most of these places are busy chatting up women and seem not to be concerned about patrolling the area

  • Guest

    Kroger should just close the store in this ish-hole typical of black-owned and frequented areas. These thugs use them as stomping grounds to target (white) people who are more financially stable and not as lazy as them.

    Only someone with a ghett0 mindset would drive a BMW (not a cheap car by any standards) and then turn around and rob people.

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