Beer Jobs Bill passes Senate

Posted by March 13, 2015
A flight of beers at Twain's in Decatur. Photo provided by Jill Nolin

A flight of beers at Twain’s in Decatur. Photo provided by Jill Nolin

The so-called Beer Jobs Bill passed through the state Senate today, just making the Crossover Day deadline. WABE reports the final version of legislation that came through is a “watered down version” of the earlier bill.

As Decaturish’s Jill Nolin reported last month, the initial version of SB 63 would have allowed the state’s craft breweries to offer beer on and off site. Breweries can currently only provide a free tasting as part of a tour.

WABE’s report says, “The bill doesn’t allow direct beer sales at craft breweries, but it would let people take a ‘souvenir’ growler home with them from craft breweries. But first, they would have to pay for a tour at a local brewery.”

You can read more about the changes in the bill in WABE’s full report.

The Beer Jobs Bill now heads to the Georgia House of Representatives.


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  • blackbird13

    Heard that someone suggested Tesla take a cue from what the brewers have to do to meet legal requirements for direct sales to their customers: offer 80 thousand dollar tours of their dealerships, throw in a car.

  • OakhurstRez

    Talk about (2) industries that need to be disrupted. Beer, wine and spirit producers are all at the mercy of the few distributors that run that industry. Our State laws and lobbyist all keep that tamped down and it needs to break wide open. Same goes for cars, the same situation stands. Some folks just want to keep the status quo but with continued pressure, not unlike that which was was needed to have Sunday sales pass, we can break this monopoly down. I am always careful and sure when I say this, but a business owner not being able to sell directly to the public the very product it creates is just un-american. There is no other motivation other than some middleman’s piece of the pie. Especially beer/wine/spirits which is american as apple pie and rock-n-roll. I just loath the attitudes of local politics when it comes to this topic. Lobbyist and politician sympathizes of the distribution model…keep your resumes fresh, there are a lot more of us than there are of you. We will keep chipping away at your system and soon you will have to adapt.

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