Decatur Police arrest armed robbery suspect at library

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt March 30, 2015
Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Decatur Police have arrested another suspect accused of participating in a March 4 armed robbery.

Sgt. Jennifer Ross said an officer was conducting a location check at the Decatur Library on March 26 as part of the department’s response to motor vehicle thefts in the area.

The officer spotted three males. He  “observed one of the males looking at vehicles in the parking deck while the other two stood near the entrance/exit,” Ross said.

When the young men saw the officer, they walked through the back door of the library. Police officers found the trio inside. One of them had active warrants in connection to the March 4 armed robbery.

The armed robbery occurred at the corner of Church Street and Commerce Drive. Three suspects stole the man’s cell phone and attempted to steal his jeep. The victim was not injured.

Police announced one arrest in the case on March 17. Police on March 24 announced they had obtained a warrant for the arrest of a second suspect.

Police one of the other two males picked up on March 26 had an active runaway petition in Clayton County.

“Further investigation revealed the three males came to the library with the intention of stealing a vehicle,” Ross said. “Eighteen-year-old Daquantis Andrews of DeKalb County, was arrested and charged with loitering or prowling in addition to being served with the active warrants for armed robbery and criminal attempt to commit theft of a motor vehicle (in connection to the March 4 incident). Seventeen-year-old Quaveon Palmer of DeKalb County, was arrested and charged with loitering or prowling and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. The 15-year-old juvenile was charged with loitering or prowling.”

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  • lamkini

    Dan, or anyone else have a link to the law regarding “possession of the tools for the commission of a crime”? That sounds way too general to be real.

    • CJ Law

      absolutely not general at all and very real.
      it is in fact a felony to carry burglary tools with intent.
      say a slim-jim to jimmy open a car door.
      they busted a guy last year in Decatur casing houses with burglary tools, just a screwdriver, pliers etc.
      It’s pretty easy for the AD to prove intent if you aren’t a licensed locksmith. if you are carrying something like lock-picks, bump keys, etc.
      Lots of criminals are jailed on charges just like this.

      • lamkini

        I’m not trying to hold you in particular to the exact wording you’re using because I know you’re just making your point, which I get and appreciate. But since we’re talking about it, don’t “casing houses,” which I’m sure is something people are picked up for, and possession of screwdrivers, pliers, etc, all seem too subjective and general to feel comfortable with as laws or elements of laws or as justification for arrest? I don’t doubt these three were trying to break into cars, it’s just the idea of it all is unsettling on some level.

  • An American Patriot

    These three seem to be about three bricks short of a full load. They need to go to prison for awhile to get some schooling from real experts :>)

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