UPDATE: House Rules Committee brings up Tucker cityhood bill, does not bring up LaVista Hills

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt March 5, 2015
Proposed map of LaVista Hills. Source: LaVista Hills Yes

Proposed map of LaVista Hills. Source: LaVista Hills Yes

This story has been updated. 

The Tucker cityhood bill was brought up by House Rules Committee today, March 5, bringing it closer to a full vote of the state House.

Committee members did not bring up the LaVista Hills bill, however. A staffer at the House Rules Committee office told Decaturish, “The author of the (LaVista Hills) bill has not asked for it (to be brought before the committee) yet.” The bill’s sponsor is state Rep. Tom Taylor, R-Dunwoody.

Mary Kay Woodworth, with LaVista Hills Yes, said, “Our sponsor has other bills in the pipeline, this will be handled when they return next week.”

The Rules Committee will meet again early next week, according to the committee office. The committee will also likely vote on the Tucker bill at that time, a staffer at the office said.

Tucker and LaVista Hills were previously rivals in the cityhood effort. Their boundaries overlapped around the Northlake Mall area. In December a special legislative panel settled the boundary dispute by splitting up the commercial property and approving new maps.

The LaVista Hills cityhood movement combines the former cityhood movement of Lakeside and Briarcliff.

Correction: An earlier version of this story contained incorrect information about the status of the Tucker bill. It was brought up before the House Rules Committee but will not be voted on until next week. 

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  • Ann Barber

    Any more information on Winship?

    • Nothing yet.

      • Save Tucker!

        Winship is the name of an Emory Cancer Center. So… possibly it is a placeholder bill for Emory / Druid Hills. (just a guess)

        • RAJ

          No word from one of the proponents of the anticipated bill today at the Capitol. Could only be a local bill at this point since crossover is near,they have no map filed with the reapportionment office, no charter ,no CVI study and no sponsor. They have to get permission from the Speaker to file the bill and I doubt he would allow a filing at this point in the session. Not an issue for this year.

          • RAJ

            This City sucks canal water as they say up Narth!

  • Angela PM

    Holy cats! It goes all the way to Toco and over to Stone Mtn freeway! I had NO idea that Tucker would spread that far! Guess it’ll be good for us that live here already. I hope it is, anyway.

  • Angela PM

    WAIT. I’m now confused. Is that map of LaVista Hills or Tucker? Seems to go WAY FAR towards decatur for Tucker. ??

  • factivist

    Dan, correction: The Tucker bill was not acted on, was not passed by the Rules Committee today. LaVista Hills and Tucker are both pending in the committee.

    • Yes. Rules Committee office said the Tucker bill was brought up, not voted on. The story has been updated with the correct information.

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