LaVista Hills city measure passes House

Posted by March 11, 2015
Closeup of the Georgia State Capitol. Photo by Connor Carey. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Closeup of the Georgia State Capitol. Photo by Connor Carey. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Georgia House of Representatives has passed a measure that would pave the way for the creation of the city of LaVista Hills, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It will now go to the state Senate, and if it goes through, voters will vote in a November 3 incorporation referendum.

The House will also vote on the cities of Tucker and South Fulton today. You can read more on today’s vote in the AJC.

LaVista Hills, as well as Tucker, would each have six council members and a mayor. Tucker would have three council districts and three at-large seats. LaVista Hills would have six council districts.


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  • blackbird13

    We have two rental properties, one in unincorporated Decatur, the other in not-a-real city-Tucker. Based on current maps, both would be in Lavista Hills if voters approve incorporation. But it gets weird if one or the other fails. If LH passes but Tucker fails, the property in a community with a name and history going back over a hundred years becomes part of a city born of political expediency–but retains the address of still-not-a-real-city of Tucker. If Tucker passes and LH fails, the property retains the mailing address of but won’t be in the finally-a-real- city of Tucker.

    • blackbird13

      Now that I think about it, it will be even weirder if both referendums pass. The one property will have a Decatur mailing address, but be in the City of Lavista Hills. The other will have a Tucker address but also be in Lavista Hills. And from what I’ve heard, it can take the post office years to update mailing addresses in these situations.

  • Mawdawg

    Whether or not you support cityhood for Lavista Hills, Tucker or any other area, please email your state senator TODAY and ask them to PASS the cityhood bills before them. That does not create the new city — it just gives YOU the residents the opportunity to vote on this important issue in November. DeKalb citizens should have their voice and vote heard, don’t let the legislature make the decision for you. Write your state senator today!

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