Map connected to Atlanta annexation bill released

Posted by March 12, 2015
The Georgia State Capitol. Photo by Ken Lund, obtained via Wikimedia Commons

The Georgia State Capitol. Photo by Ken Lund, obtained via Wikimedia Commons

This story has been updated.

We are getting a look at the Atlanta annexation map attached to House Bill 586, the annexation bill filed by State Rep. Pat Gardner (D) Atlanta.

In a press release, State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, D-Decatur said, “My constituents in the 82nd House district have clearly stated a wish to vote on whether to be annexed into the city of Atlanta. HB 586, local legislation of the Atlanta delegation, will give them a referendum, which will be held in November 2015. If passed and signed by the Governor, all citizens of the proposed annexed area in unincorporated DeKalb can engage in the democratic process through public conversation, asking questions about schools, taxes and services, and decide how they wish to vote.”

The press release also states, “Rep. Oliver is a member of the House Government Affairs Committee, which has voted upon all proposed DeKalb cityhood bills. She has raised objections to the proposed city of LaVista Hills, due to conflicting borders with the proposed annexation into Atlanta. Rep. Oliver represents all neighborhoods affected by the proposed annexation and LaVista Hills legislation.”

“People have a right to decide how they wish to be governed, and I support a referendum for a decision to be made. Any border dispute between LaVista Hills and Atlanta must be resolved to give citizens clear choices,” said Rep. Oliver in the release.

Rep. Oliver provided the map to Decaturish. In an email, she said, “I have been working on this map for awhile with different neighborhood groups and leaders, and the City of Decatur. I am pleased at the interest and engagement by citizens, which means to me that voters will be well informed and know how they want to vote if they have an opportunity to do so in November.”

Thursday evening, Together in Atlanta, a pro-Atlanta annexation group posted the following on its Facebook page:

We are extremely pleased that a bill for a proposed Atlanta annexation has been filed and our communities look forward to the opportunity to vote on whether to formally join the city we consider home, Atlanta. However, we understand that the map released today is a rough map, based only on census tracts, and will be further revised, particularly in the Briar Vista Elementary zone. The BVE borders are being negotiated with LaVista Hills to maintain as much of the current BVE zone as possible, while respecting the desire of the Beth Jacob community to join LaVista Hills. Legislators, volunteers, and the reapportionment office are working diligently to arrive at final borders. Thank you for your patience, and please post or email your thoughts or concerns.

In response to TIA’s statement, Oliver said, “We anticipate making relatively small map adjustments in the next few days, perhaps by early next week.”

HB 586 has to be approved by the Atlanta legislative delegation before going to the Georgia House.

Here is a look at the map.atlanta annex (N. Druid)- map

This story was updated to include Rep. Oliver’s statement about working on the map and Together in Atlanta’s statement.


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  • Ann Barber

    Thank you for posting the map. Any word on the bill for Decatur’s annexation of surrounding areas?

    • RAJ

      Are you lost in space?

      • RAJ

        Sorry Ann….don’t see any sponsors or enough votes in the DeKalb Delegation to move the Decatur Annexations this year.

  • Anaximander

    So they are taking people out of the map now…lord.

  • Anonymous

    So is this the time where we get to cuss out Matt Lewis? He assured us that communities are built around elementary schools and they would not split an elementary school up. Well, they just carved up Laurel Ridge.

    • David

      I think that a good chunk of the Medlock neighborhood is slated to move to the new larger Fernbank ES when it is completed. If this is true then Matt Lewis could argue that he is simply keeping the previously scheduled future population of Fernbank together. This would probably suit Dekalb County Schools fine because they would probably love an excuse to close Laurel Ridge Elementary.

      • MedlockDad

        It is only speculation that a chunk of Medlock would go to Fernbank. Nothing definitive has been stated by DCSD. My sense is the DCSD is not happy about any of this. Personally, I would rather send my kid to Laurel Ridge than Fernbank anyway.

        • DecaturNotDecatur

          ^ Yes. 1000%!

      • DecaturNotDecatur

        Where do you get that DCS would love an excuse to close Laurel Ridge?

        • David

          At least once in the last 15 years the Laurel Ridge community has had to fight the possibility that the school would be closed. I do not remember much of what went on because I did not have a child at the time so I was not paying too much attention.
          I do know that DCSS has in the past expressed a desire to eliminate schools that have relatively small numbers of students( like Laurel Ridge) because unless a school has a certain number of students it is not eligible for the largest amount of matching funds (state? federal?).
          I now have a child at Laurel Ridge and I have been extremely happy with the school. I would be very disappointed if the school were to close but I also think that the ultimate goal of the DCSS is to have all the elementary schools in the county serve 800-900 kids and not 350 or so.
          Speaking of smaller schools does anyone know what the DCSS’s rationale was for closing Medlock Elementary?

          • MedlockDad

            DCSD was trying to reduce the number of empty seats in schools. At the time, enrollments were below capacity at Medlock and Laurel Ridge. In Medlock, this was partly due to the fact that the demographic transition from older, retired couples who had raised their kids in the neighborhood to younger families with kids had not yet occurred. It is true that at one point, DCSD had talked about elementary schools 800-900 kids as the model. It is unclear whether this is still the case. Even if it is, it will be quite a while until they could build out enough schools of that size. Personally, I think that smaller schools is a better model than larger elementary schools. It will be interesting to see what the vision of a new superintendent might be in this regard.

          • DecaturNotDecatur

            Medlock ES was closed and most of those kids now attend Laurel Ridge, which is a great school. There are few empty seats and I can’t fathom they’d close that school and redistrict everyone to McClendon.

            The only way Laurel Ridge has empty seats is if TIA splits their attendance zone. (And, conspiratorial notes aside, LRES community is a loud voice against TIA.)

  • Guest

    Anonymous have you crawled out from under your rock and not noticed Medlock survey with 72 percent approval of alanta annexation AND LaVista hills which has half of laurel ridge?

    • Anonymous

      Matt Lewis promised repeatedly that elementary schools would not be split. Maybe there should have been a broader discussion with the entire Laurel Ridge community. And I’m pretty sure Medlock doesn’t make up half of Laurel Ridge, however the loss of the Medlock students would have a significant impact.

    • denkon

      One difference is LaVista Hills annexation does not directly effect school districts since they cannot form a new school system without a constitutional amendment. An Atlanta annexation will shift students from Dekalb to Atlanta, so this proposal will split the Laurel Ridge district.

  • MedlockDad

    Actually, I think that Anonymous is on point. The Medlock survey shows that people want to vote in the referendum if there is one. This is different than wanting to be in ATL. Also, it is likely that a large percentage of that 72% is so that kids can continue to go to Druid Hills High School. If Matt Lewis and others in TIA hadn’t push to take the high school from the cluster, I bet that number would be a lot lower. Check out the original Medlock survey. Also, this most recent map in the article, splits our neighborhood at the creek rather than bringing it out to N. Druid Hills Rd. Of course, this map doesn’t actually fit what is in the bill that was posted here the other day.

  • Clare Steen

    I think this map, if I’m correct, includes the Medlock Park neighborhood and also the Clairmont Heights neighborhood (N. Superior and surrounding streets). Clairmont Heights announced their desire to be annexed into Atlanta just a few weeks ago. I believe one of the Decatur annexation maps I saw in the mega-Decturish-map also included Tuxworth Circle, so if that ended up in the final Decatur annexation map, then that is a potential border conflict with the City of Decatur.

    • MedlockDad

      If this map is correct, then only half of the Medlock Park neighborhood is included.

  • NotRaj

    RAJ any word on Greenhaven. Interestingly the Pro Greenhaven blog out out a tweet and blog post yesterday with the misleading headline “Breaking news: Greenhaven bill introduced…” which was changed this morning to a plea for people who are pro Greenhaven to contact local reps to introduce the bill by crossover day tomorrow.

    • RAJ

      Greenhaven bill is probably for next year and Stonehenge I hear is in trouble. Remember that Republicans said early on that South-side cities were for next year. Missed my 5:30AM at the gym(again),weather sucks,will skip crossover day at the Capitol and just fix another pot of coffee. Last I heard(TT laughing) Greenhaven was a local bill and not affected by crossover. Crying in my beer last night at Moe’s after the meeting with HL but I’ll get over it!

  • wmhartnett

    This map does not include all the areas actually listed in the text of the bill that was posted here on Decaturish yesterday. I aggregated all the voting districts and census blocks listed in that version of the bill and the result was this map (PDF):

    An interactive version is here:

    Unless the map here is based on a version of the bill different from the one posted on Decaturish yesterday, I’m pretty confident my version of the map is more complete.

    • wmhartnett

      Just checked the General Assembly’s website, and the current version of the bill there is still the same as the one posted on Decaturish yesterday, which, as far as I can tell, the maps I made more accurately reflect:

      • mbk

        According to Elena Parent at tonight’s town hall, the map above is the new map, unless it has changed again.

        • wmhartnett

          That makes some sense given the Together in Atlanta statement, but I’ll be interested to see the explanation for the big discrepancy in Medlock Park between this map and the currently available text of the bill. I’ll adjust my maps when a bill with revised language is available, but can’t do anything until then since we little people aren’t privy to the Important Negotiations of the Important People.

    • Jeff Bragg

      Senator Parent posted two maps at the meeting tonight. Your excellent version based on the text of the bill was yesterday’s map. The current version is #2, as posted by Decaturish. Sen. Parent stated that discussions were ongoing in an attempt to resolve remaining boundary overlaps with LaVista Hills.Some other changes between ver. 1 and 2 reflect compromises with Decatur’s plans for annexations. Some neighborhood splits in the Mason Mill area have appeared before. These sometimes result from the way the Legislative Reapportionment and Mapping Office draws boundaries, when the parties involved do not have the time or money to do a traditional “metes and bounds” survey in an area that is not contiguous with a current city. Sen. Parent emphasized that these cityhood/annexation maps may change again within hours. Finally, this complex process has reached a point where citizen proponents without titles like “Governor”, “Mayor”, “Chairman”, will not have the power to dictate ther boundaries of their own maps. [Comments above are my personal opinions, unless attributed to a named individual.] Jeff Bragg, Druid Hills.

      • wmhartnett

        Thanks for the update, Jeff. Most of the differences between the bill text and the newer map make sense given the LaVista Hills proposal and Decatur annexation plans. The absence of the entire northern portion of the Medlock Park neighborhood is odd, though. I’m guessing it’s a quirk of software and practices, as you suggested and as I’ve also heard elsewhere.

        I’m happy to offer my services to anyone in need of better maps and cartographic standards. Just, you know, send me some money!

      • RAJ

        Thanks Jeff…You and I know that maps produced by LRMO are for a specific purpose and when used otherwise(as in this case)are the source of much confusion. Politicians have staff run these maps for free(taxpayer expense)at will without thinking of the consequences. All this is done in the name of political expediency. Last night was a perfect example of EP trying to do the handiwork of MMO in the Senate that MMO could not accomplish in the House. It’s part of being in the minority party, but a huge disservice to us all,what a sorry shame,we deserve better from our elected officials! We just need to remember that we elected them. So…what of HB 586…It’s filed,assigned to House IGA Committee and needs to be blessed by the “Atlanta” Delegation. I think someone said that the “Atlanta” Delegation has only voted out one bill in 15 years, and I think this is just a hail mary that falls harmlessly in the end zone. We need an expert to tell us how this bill finds it’s way to the Governor’s desk AND gets a signature.

  • Sick of the land grabbers.

    Okay, I’m confused. VERY confused. Is McLendon, Scotd a letter No Man’s Land? This is really FUBAR!

  • Sick of the land grabbers.


  • Sick of the land grabbers.

    No Man’s Land.

    • SamIAm

      Class and Race are driving these maps, not reality, nor logistics, or science or common sense. (I’m sorry, did I draw attention to the elephant in the room?)

      • notapunk

        No, you just parroted one of the talking points.

  • Mary Hinkel

    Can someone help me read the Mason Mill boundary? Do I assume one side of MM is out of the annexed area, and the other side is included? Same with Vistavia Circle?

  • DHH

    Pretty good map actually.

  • Dixie Firefly

    The Atlanta map does not include Clairmont Run and Emory Garden Condos that are in the Fernbank district. If Matt Lewis said he will not split elementary schools, maybe he can take a closer look at the map. The City of Decatur should drop Area A off their map and let this Emory neighborhood go with Emory and the CDC! This is a very small residential area that turned in 72 signatures against the City of Decatur’s proposed annexation.

    • DecaturNotDecatur

      Matt Lewis clearly was shoveling a load of crap with the “communities are built around schools” line. TIA doesn’t care if they split up communities.

      • Felton Johnson

        Decatur not Decatur this is not TIAs map. TIAs map is here: It stil includes the complete elementary zones. Matt Lewis has no role in TIA either. You need to update your ad hominem attacks (and use your real name if you are going to call out others – decency)

        • DecaturNotDecatur

          Nothing to do with TIA? That’s rather interesting…

          Seem’s he is quite involved. Even if you want to remove his name from your current “steering” committee list, everyone knows he’s not removed from this stink.

          And you expect people to somehow believe that TIA just stood idly by and this map came as a complete surprise? Ha!

          Furthermore, TIA stated from the the very beginning, their goal was to “preserve their elementary school zones within the same local governmental jurisdiction”. What bull! That lie has been exposed and laid bare!

        • DecaturNotDecatur

          I doubt you’ve come back to check your post…

          You still want to contend Matt Lewis has no role in TIA? Read the emails released from Marshall Orson.

          Matt Lewis is and has been involved with TIA every step. Period. No ad hominem attaches, only facts!

  • MAJ D

    This annexation would also evict hundreds of students from the International Community School at Medlock Elementary. Most of whom are from unincorporated Dekalb.

  • MedlockDad

    The law is not as clear on this as you and others make it out to be, especially when entire attendance zones are not annexed, which is more and more the case as this map develops. It is looking like a long, messy legal battle ahead if this passes.

  • ZenderTranscender

    So bottom line – if the bill makes it through this session to a November vote, will the pro-annexation crowd win?

    • RAJ

      Please see my comment to Jeff Bragg…HOW(what route)can this bill take to get to Gov Deal’s desk AND be signed?

      • ZenderTranscender

        I live in the city of Atlanta (in Druid Hills) and have mixed feelings on behalf of my neighbors not in the city. The tide seems to have turned away from the pro annexation camp into the con camp, especially for parents with school-age children, older people fearing higher taxes and others who believe they may go from egotistical, corrupt leadership to egotistical, corrupt leadership. Don’t know how else to say it.

        • RAJ

          SO…..Leaky boats in an out going tide?

          • ZenderTranscender

            People have lost their trust in elected officials, and for good reason. It’s all about them – not us.

  • John Frost Murlin

    The new Atlanta annexation map, as drawn and submitted by Mary Margaret Oliver, will never happen. It is a last gasp effort by a democrat to put Druid Hills in Atlanta. The Republican House has already passed the LaVista Hills Map which includes the northern part of the LaVista Hills School district which is already included in Lavista Hills. Atlanta has already given up on Tocco hills which they wanted earlier. As I have said before the Democrats have no political pull in Georgia – you have to have Republican support.

    I also find it interesting that Mary Margaret Oliver has given Decatur almost everything it wants, namely Clairmont and North Decatur Road, as well as, Suburban Plaza. The leftovers that Druids Hills has would never support an independent city because all the important commercial areas are gone to Lavista Hills and Decatur. Druid Hills really missed the mark when it did not fully support being included in Lavista Hills which has the goal of low taxes,as well as, accountable and efficient government. Atlanta offers high property and sales taxes, wasteful government, and bad schools.

    Respectfully yours,

    John Frost Murlin
    1404 Emory Road
    Atlanta, Georgia 30306

    • RAJ

      John…you are correct; the Atlanta annexation is school driven which from the start was a fatal flaw as last nights mapping shows……a total cluster F. Still a small chance of Emory Campus and Druid Hills residential….less DHS until Briarcliff High can be rebuilt….going to Atlanta and a map is available to accommodate that possibility. The LVH map can be changed in the Senate. This is OK now that MMO is not sponsor of the bill. “I can’t screw Atlanta” MY position has always been “half a loaf is better than no bread” Everyone I have met of late seems to want to starve to death. I have NEVER gone hungry!

      • DH

        Your last three sentences…..I’m confused.

        • RAJ

          MMO cut a deal with Atlanta that she could not break, so she had another Rep sponsor the bill knowing that it would go nowhere, EP is now owed a favor by MMO for last night’s worthless performance in front of a gullible public;cheap politics all around on an important issue for us all. We get what we vote for! I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but an economics prof of mine in grad school(1964)would sometimes say of a difficult problem “half a loaf is better than no bread” I kept this in mind while negotiating contracts for multi billion dollar companies over a four decade career. Things usually worked out pretty well!

      • Raj is wrong

        Raj wrong again (like your resurrection of COBI theory). Atlanta annexation has nothing to do with schools. This group of parents volunteer at the drop of a hat hired science and art teachers with their own money and love their schools. They ran out of good things to do for their own schools and then tried to help somebody else’s. This is about 1 DeKalb county specifically Clifton ridge and criminals in high places and 2 not a new city. Pretty compelling just these two
        Issues This group would have successful schools in Uganda, Afghanistan, Alabama.

        • RAJ

          Parent “volunteers” working to restrict others educational opportunities to their own benefit is NOT welcome, thank you very much!

          • RAJ is wrong again

            RAJ you know nothing about how schools in our area have succeeded despite less than half the per pupil budget, accreditation probation, indictments, graft and corruption. It’s been the parents volunteers. The superintendent had not shown his face in this cluster for over a year. Every successful school in DeKalb does it the same way. This is why most are failing – they don’t have the secret ingredient of community and parent volunteers. How hiring a science and art teacher ‘restricts’ anyithing is crazy. Please stop opining about things you know nothing about.

          • RAJ

            If you and your volunteers are working to remove resources from DeKalb School System then you ARE restricting and reallocating resources to others.

        • MedlockDad

          Even if it has nothing to do with schools, it certainly has consequences for the schools. As for your “help,” did any of these schools ask for it or did you just decide that what was good for you must be good for everyone else?

          • Guest

            They asked. Budget cuts resulted in loss of the art and science teacher Medlock dad. That’s how schools succeed despite poor administration (and unappreciative people like you). You sound like you have – zero – experience with PTAs school councils etc. they all involve principals and nothing is done at the schools without collaboration.

          • MedlockDad

            It think that you misunderstood my question. Perhaps the school that RAJ is Wrong’s kids go to asked for help. However, he seemed to suggest that they had done such a great job at his kid’s school that they were taking the show on the road. I was just asking whether other schools were asked whether they wanted his help. Just because it works great at one school, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work great at another. Context matters. And, as a matter of fact, I am very involved with my kids’ schools and I do know how these things work.

        • MedlockDad

          Also should have mentioned, if it is about Clifton Ridge, then the proposed annexation area would be just historical Druid Hills. I doubt that many people outside of that are really care too much about Clifton Ridge and residential zoning decisions in Druid Hills. Second, even if you are annexed into ATL, you will still be in DeKalb County, so annexation doesn’t solve the problem of criminals in high places in DeKalb County.

          • RAJ

            True, but you do get to deal with a different set of criminals with respect to zoning.

          • RAJ is wrong

            DeKalb zoning is abysmal look at how long suburban plaza degraded, north DeKalb nightmare mall, almost a decade of vacancies along 78 (old ford dealership, strip malls etc). So even if Clifton ridge affected only a small area of druid hills, drive west and you Will see economic developmwnt zoning npu participation sidewalks (we have none). Annexation is DeKalb plus – what we have now plus better zoning police fire transportation connectivity opportunities. Atlanta is health fiscally and going to be here anothe 150 years. All with same taxes. So no it’s not about schools and yes there are huge benefits. Yes DeKalb will continue to elect criminals but they won’t be providing (or not providing) as many critical servces post annexation. Our schools are great they are no reason for annexation. They are so great that folks outside the annexation area are trying to stop annexation but it’s not the schools they are worried about losing – it’s the parents and community that have made the schools what they are threat they are really worried about.

          • MedlockDad

            It is true at areas along Scott Blvd are ripe for redevelopment. However, the properties staying vacant have nothing to do with zoning. MANA has worked very hard on zoning issues related to redevelopment of Suburban Plaza and the Fuqua development and will have many more amenities than they would have had without this work. As for the schools, in my opinion, I am more interested in preserving access to the buildings, programs, teachers, administration, and diverse student body. If the comments on this thread and others pushing for annexation into ATL are any indication, I would be more than happy to leave that group of parents behind.

  • Burt Wittenberg

    Looking at La Vista hills and Atlanta maps I see that I am not included
    1096 vistavia. Circle.. perhaps people would like to join my city of
    Wittenberg movement. That way I can feel part of something

    • RAJ

      Burt…I still love you…you are in my next annexation map!

  • Dixie Firefly

    Area A which includes the Emory Commons shopping Center is on the City of Decatur’s annexation plan and does have residential property in it. As a matter of fact, Area A had 9 votes for annexation, and 73 against, turned into Peggy Merrris last fall. And our school districts have been Fernbank and Druid Hills for over 50 years. If we are not included on the Atlanta annexation map, then we would become an isolated island where it would be very difficult to determine who provides emergency services. So in essence, if the first sponsored Atlanta annexation plan does include us, it is the same as allowing Decatur to take us without a vote or voice, because if the Druid Hills/Medlock vote is yes, we will become an island, which is not allowed. We would have the new Atlana annexation of Druid Hills/Medlock to our north, and the City of Decatur to our south, and be completely cut off from unincorporated Dekalb. I hope that when the politicians see this problem, they will include us.

    • RAJ

      Only ten legislative days left to get a Decatur annexation passed.

  • Invisible Man

    The Citizens Against Cityhood
    support a moratorium on any new city formation. We believe that the
    residents of DeKalb deserve a more deliberate process; and that the state
    legislature needs to make changes to the cityhood and annexation process. More
    time should be given to residents to become informed in terms of the impact
    cityhood would have on their communities and DeKalb County. We do not
    believe that new cities should be created for the purpose of avoiding prior
    pension and bond obligations. We strongly believe that taxes should be
    equitably applied to all residents in both incorporated and unincorporated
    DeKalb. We do not believe that a city will create jobs, that is the
    mission of the chamber of commerce, and private citizens. We do not want to
    trade our suburb communities for an urban jungle, and We do not want more
    crime, corruption, and government. We want better leadership and
    collaboration all over DeKalb North, Central and South.

  • Invisible Man

    Believe the Hype.
    The city of East Saint Louis is what South DeKalb “Greenhaven” could look like
    if the cityhood bill is passed for South DeKalb. Crime and corruption on
    steroids. Quality of Life and small town values will be lost if the
    cityhood is promoted in DeKalb. We are a suburb of Atlanta. We live
    here in unincorporated DeKalb because we do not want to be in an urban center.

    are border issues with the proposed city of Greenhaven and the City of
    Lithonia, Stonecrest, Stone Mountain, and Decatur. In addition, there
    are several serious tax issues that should be resolved with DeKalb County as it
    relates to all these new cities attempting to avoid their tax obligations.
    Passing these cityhood bills will create greater issues with DeKalb
    County pensions and bonds accounts. The tax and funding inequity will
    ultimately in up in court, Particularly since many lawmakers appear to be
    ignoring their fiduciary responsibility with allowing the new cities to avoid
    the pension and bond payments to the county.

    Carl Vinson Institute report was a feasibility study and it only evaluated the
    financial viability of the proposed new city. The report was based on minimum
    city services: Parks and recreation, zoning, and code enforcement. The
    report did not include and qualitative data or resident interviews. The
    study did not use similar city demographics to compare costs, and the report
    did not consider the impact of the new city impact on the DeKalb County as a
    government. The report does not validate the necessity or efficacy of
    forming a new city. The report did not consider the views of the
    residents of the affected area.

    Communities and Neighborhoods did not have the opportunity to opt in or out of
    any of the boundaries of the proposed cities. We are being told that we only have
    the ability to say Yes or No at the end of process during the referendum.
    This does not make any sense. We should have some say so at the
    front end of the process, to rather communities are included in the new city
    boundaries. What if, where you lived, this was done to you? A group
    of people, that have not been elected by anyone, drafts up a city proposal,
    creates a boundary map, and creates a charter and then ask the state to
    sanction it. You would be outraged, like I am.

    There are disputes over which
    neighborhoods should be included in the boundaries with Decatur, Lithonia and
    Stonecrest and other communities. There should be a timeout in order to
    keep this frenzy from becoming a nightmare for everyone.

    and Sampson, two researchers found that by the late 2000s, racial composition
    did in fact have a significant effect on a neighborhood’s chance of improvement
    and ultimate gentrification. The neighborhoods that saw the most
    improvement met a minimum threshold proportion of white residents—about 35 percent—and
    a maximum threshold of black residents—about 40 percent.

    researchers found that the difference in reinvestment levels between
    neighborhoods of 35 and 45 percent black residents was more than twice
    the gap in extent of gentrification between neighborhoods of 5 and 15 percent
    black residents.

  • An American Patriot

    I am anti Decatur’s annexation plans; however, anything we can do to rid DeKalb County of the problem of corrupt politicians being elected and running our county like it was their own private emirate will meet with exiliration on my part. The main problem in DeKalb, even with cityhoods, annexation, etc. will still be the schools. There are some great schools in DeKalb, most all in northern DeKalb. You know, I just don’t see any way that DeKalb Schools will improve under any scenario…..they’re still going to be under the auspices of the worst school administration in the entire State of Georgia. In my opinion, instead of working so hard on new cities, we should focus our energies on trying to persuade our legislature to put forth a bill to allow more school districts than are presently allowed. DeKalb Schools will ALWAYS have a problem with the current setup and will ALWAYS be one of the lowest performing districts in the State. DeKalb Schools used to be one of the best systems in the state, now they’re one of the WORST, all in just thirty five short years. We should be so proud.

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