Brookhaven communications director fired over ‘type of people’ remark

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt April 8, 2015
Photo provided by Reporter Newspapers

Photo provided by Reporter Newspapers

Brookhaven’s former communications director allegedly said that two people who attended a recent event were not “the type of people the city of Brookhaven wants representing it.”

The city has concluded that the former employee was not the type of person who should be speaking for Brookhaven.

City Manager Marie Garrett told Reporter Newspapers that Rosemary Taylor was let go, “after she exhibited conduct unbecoming of a city employee” at the Brookhaven Cherry Blossom Festival.

According to WSB-TV, Taylor allegedly made the remarks to a photographer at the festival about two models hired to help promote the event. Both of the models are minorities.

This story was provided courtesy of Reporter Newspapers.

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  • RAJ

    With 86% personnel turnover rate in the city of Brokenhaven in the first two years of operation guess you won’t have to worry about “legacy” costs on the personnel side of the ledger! Your big sister city LaVista Hills on the right(Correct Side) of I-85 will kindly show you how it’s done next year!

  • A Gok

    Not to mention that the models were teenagers. Real classy to make racist comments to children.


    First of all, we probably don’t know the WHOLE story – if it occurred just as described, she used poor judgment and was rude to the young ladies and the photographer. But to be publicly shamed and lambasted – 5 years ago, only she, the 3 people involved and her boss would know about this. I feel kind of sorry for her – it’s gone viral and could ruin her life. I think that losing her job is enough.

    • atlfc

      Yes, viral media is the real evil here! Give me a break old man. Social media may have its faults but its great at exposing small minded neanderthals like this woman.


        I am the old woman in the picture – thanks for going there. real nice.

        As I said before, despite my rickety age and failure to appreciate the greatness of viral media snap judgments – we really don’t know all the facts, but you “youngsters” go ahead and judge quickly and definitively. Us old folk remember “guilty until proven innocent”.

        • atlfc

          Way to ignore my main point. Fact is progress for the greater good isn’t exactly a hallmark of your generation. And I’ll call out ignorance all day long. What’s funny is you’re defending this woman when YOU lack all the information yourself. What is your defense based on? The fact that she got called out for not doing her job that is paid for by taxpayers?

  • BumBotSays

    Photographer Nelson Jones seens to be the ” real racist” here. He the “racist” who refuses to hire white models.

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