Decatur’s expansion of homestead tax exemption, annexation plan dies in Legislature

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt April 2, 2015
Decatur City Hall

Decatur City Hall

The city of Decatur has released a statement about the city’s inability to get its annexation plan passed in the General Assembly this year.

In addition, the state Legislature also didn’t approve the city’s request to expand its homestead tax exemption.

The full statement from the Mayor Jim Baskett …

The City of Decatur is appreciative of the efforts of Representative Karla Drenner and State Senator Elena Parent to move forward with part of the overall Decatur Annexation Master Plan.  Regretfully, HB 663 was not successful during the 2015 legislative session.  It is our understanding that opposition from neighborhoods in the City of Atlanta annexation plan and concerns about potential lost revenue to the DeKalb County School System resulted in the bill not receiving consideration in the Georgia Senate. During the remainder of 2015, the Decatur City Commission will assess how, or if, we want to move forward on annexation issues in 2016.

In addition, the Decatur City Commission had also supported legislation to increase homestead exemptions for City of Decatur taxes.  We are highly disappointed that property tax relief for our taxpayers, particularly for low and moderate income seniors was defeated in the Georgia House of Representatives. Adoption of the proposed legislation would have made a real difference in the lives of our seniors by providing over $1,100 of annual tax savings.  The Decatur City Commission will try again in 2016 to secure reconsideration of the legislation by the General Assembly.

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  • Thisten

    Were these two measures combined, or were they separate measures that both failed?

    • wwwoolf

      Two unrelated issues.

      • Thisten


  • An American Patriot

    What I would like explained to me is……what with all of the renovations, construction of new mansions and apartments/townhomes/condos being done in Decatur, where is all the additional revenue going? Are we finding ways to spend it as fast as it becomes available? Why can’t it be used for tax relief? And, why wouldn’t a new homestead tax exemption be passed? Did we, in fact push hard enough for it, or was this just for show? And finally, with all this increased revenue, why are we being taxed on the 82M for school renovations? Is there ever going to be enough or will we spend our way into oblivion?

    • MovedHereForTheSchools

      Oh now that your kids are out of school it’s tax *relief*. whatever old dude.
      Build the schools.
      Pay your tax.
      Quit whining or move.
      I am sure that the big check you get from the sale because of the good schools wont seem quite so bad then.

      • An American Patriot

        Old Dude? Quit whining or move? I was fortunate enough to attend Decatur City Schools…….I finished fifty seven years ago. I can tell by your post that you weren’t as fortunate as I.

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