DeKalb Strong hosting ‘Voter Information’ night

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt April 16, 2015
DeKalb County Georgia. Source: Google Maps.

DeKalb County Georgia. Source: Google Maps.

A group that’s heading up the opposition to new cities in DeKalb County will be hosting a meeting tonight aimed at providing information to voters ahead of the November elections.

This year the Legislature approved puttingthe proposed cities of LaVista Hills and Tucker on the ballot.

Tucker would have a population of around 33,000 people. LaVista Hills would have a population of over 65,000.

To see the most recent Tucker and LaVista Hills maps, click here and here.

“In November, we will be voting on whether or not to form a new city. Come learn about the possible effects of creating a new level of government, as well as other local changes coming out of the Georgia Assembly this session,” the event description says. “We will be joined by Captain Tracy, assistant precinct commander for the DeKalb Central precinct, and Trenton Arnold, Regional Superintendent, DeKalb County School System.”

The meeting will be at 7 pm at Clairmont Hills Church located at 1995 Clairmont Rd, Decatur, Georgia 30033.

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  • Anita Goklaney

    We will also have the precinct commander for the Central Precinct of the DKPD, Major Voss and Doug Dillard, an attorney that specializes in the areas of zoning, planning and land use, local government law, land use litigation and eminent domain.

    • NotRaj

      Will you also have anyone from the County to explain all the transgressions in this article
      DeKalb is a complete dumpster fire.And save me the “we should all work to make it better” speech. I’ve grown up there all my life and all I’ve seen is a swift path to becoming the next Clayton County. If somethings completl broken and hasn’t worked for decades, I’d rather try a different approach and live with the consequences.

      • Anita Goklaney

        @notraj We will have a roundtable discussion of the Dekalb reform bills after the presentations, including a former commissioner and a lawyer who helped write the reform bills. We may have someone from the County come to a future forum.

        • Bernie

          Anita: Is the former commissioner Gale Walldorff?

          Are you including any pro-cityhood persons in the roundtable discussion?

          • Anita Goklaney

            Yes, Gale Waldorff will be there. If pro-cityhood persons attend, they are welcome to participate in the roundtable discussions.

        • RAJ

          The roundtable will comprise mostly unindictated co-conspirators of recent County transgressions.

        • Anita Goklaney

          Raj, you are welcome to join if you think you have some credible points to make.

  • RAJ

    All they have to sell is more County Backed Gambling, Prostitution, Drug Dealing, Crime, Park Money for Pot Holes and BOC Staff Members Being Indicted!

  • Dekalb Wrong

    The Georgia government ethics statutes prohibit school district employees from attempting to influence voting referenda and so I wonder what the Regional Superintendent is doing at this voter influence event? Or will we see another indicted superintendent from Dekalb soon? The lineup is decidedly weak. Gale Walldorf had been out of it for almost a decade and was part of the downward spiral of the county.

    • A Gok

      We had 100 people there, so it seems that a good number of people were interested in the program.

      • RAJ

        About ten people were from LaVista Hills!

        • A Gok

          I am glad they were interested in our event!

        • LaWisha

          No one was from Lavista Hills. It is a make believe place. Everyone was from DeKalb.

          • RAJ

            On second though……. guess you are correct!

  • Guest

    What was all this hoo haw about consolidation? Who put that on the table? Who are we supposed to consolidate with?

    • Marjorie Snook

      The trend is consolidation, because of the increased efficiencies. The point is that we are moving in the opposite direction of almost everywhere else. Government fragmentation makes everything less efficient and more expensive, which is why most area are going a different direction.

      • RAJ

        From today’s news I don’t see how corruption could be any MORE efficient in DeKalb county thru consolidation!

      • Guest

        Maybe we should all just “consolidate” with the City of Atlanta for maximum efficiency and cohesion.

        • Marjorie Snook

          Smarter for the cities within Dekalb to consolidate with county government. It would lower their taxes.

          • RAJ

            Snookie…I give you a 10/10 for entertainment value but a mastermind of public policy not so much…0/0!

          • Guest

            But it would raise ours. We’d all get stuck with those franchise fees your group is so against. We’d be better off unincorporated.

          • Jan Atlanta

            Are you kidding? Lock the door and throw away the key. Doraville, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Brookhaven, soon to be LaVista Hills and Tucker, future Stonecrest – self determination, accountability, financial stewardship, self-determination. Reduce the County to a size it can manage to run.

      • Jan Atlanta

        From posts on DeKalb Strong page – using McRae and Helena GA as an example? Bibb County and Macon? Rural cities and counties.

  • Tom Doolittle

    I couldn’t make the meeting. Is there any emphasis being placed on identifying the inherent and potential power of neighborhood/community alliances and CIDs as alternatives for improving county government accountability and advocating for economic development in their specific areas?

    • RAJ

      WAY over the head for this crowd Tom!

    • Jan Atlanta

      Tom, you mean the way that Tucker Business Association and Northlake Community (defunct) Alliance organized the Tucker-Northlake CID? Let’s watch to see how that is going to benefit the new city of LaVista Hills. Majority of the revenue will come from LVH to re-energize Main Street Tucker and Lawrenceville Highway. Honey V and company pulled one over ITP Northlake on that one.

  • jo

    —-Chamblee has a rep of not being biz friendly, maxed out their city millage & was preparing to lay off employees until the politicians cleared the way for them to annex a bunch of commercial property that wasnt associated with the neighborhood that was voting……Doraville had laid off employees and their financials looked dim too until the politicians gave them a bunch of comercial property with out a vote……Brookhaven is having some well documented problems and Dunwoody is doing the best but they tend to count PCID benefits as city benefits and without that area they would be a totally different story……What do they all have in common? more political mouths to feed…..Boyer was a HUGE supporter of new cities

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