Drivers survive cement truck accident on North Decatur Rd. at Superior Ave.

Posted by Dena Mellick May 6, 2015

Police say both the driver of the car and the cement truck survived this crash on North Decatur Road. Photo courtesy of Mike Hall.

This story has been updated.

Decatur Police said both drivers involved in a crash on North Decatur Road at Superior Avenue survived.

Photos from the scene show an Audi with a city of Decatur plate wedged into a cement truck. However, Lt. Jennifer Ross said the injuries are non-life threatening.

Ross said that police cited the cement truck driver for running a red light and for speeding.

The road reopened around 5 pm.

Adam Watkins lives near the intersection and took some photos 15 minutes after the accident occurred. He said he believes the driver of the Audi was still in the car when he took some pictures. “I didn’t even realize there was a car even there when I first walked up to the accident,” said Watkins. “It’s hard to see how somebody could survive that.”

Mike Hall, a resident of Clairmont Heights, said he saw the female driver of the Audi being pulled out and loaded onto an ambulance.

“It seemed like she ended up in the right spot. She was between the cab of the cement truck and load,” said Hall.

Hall said the neighborhood has been worried about that particular intersection for some time.

“We’ve always had a lot of concern about this intersection, being at the bottom of two hills. We don’t go through the intersection when we get a green light until we make sure that people stop. We see too many running a red light.”

He said he and neighbors welcome more enforcement of the intersection from Decatur Police.

The city of Decatur said North Decatur Road at Superior Avenue is expected to be blocked for several hours.

Here’s the message posted on The Decatur Minute, the city’s blog:

There has been an accident at N Decatur Rd & Superior Ave and the intersection is expected to be blocked for several hours while emergency personnel respond. Please avoid this area for now. An update will be posted once the intersection is re-opened.

We will update this story as we get more details about the situation.

Here are some additional photos of the accident, provided by Watkins and Hall.

Police say the driver of the Audi has non-life threatening injuries. Photo courtesy of Mike Hall.

Police say the driver of the Audi has non-life threatening injuries. Photo courtesy of Mike Hall.


An accident is blocking North Decatur Road at North Superior Aveneue. Photo courtesy of Adam Francois Watkins.

An accident is blocking North Decatur Road at North Superior Aveneue. Photo courtesy of Adam Francois Watkins.



Emergency vehicles on the scene of an accident involving a cement truck and a car. Photo courtesy of Adam Francois Watkins.

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  • blackbird13

    A serious accident like this caused by reckless disregard for others should result in serious consequences– suspended license at the least.

  • Bulldog

    I don’t know the person who was in the car, but I can only imagine how I would have reacted to the photo in the initial report if I did. It might be a good idea to consider not posting photos such as this for a few hours, or at least until more is known about the people involved. We live in a small city where it is highly likely that we recognize things – such as cars- to be that of a neighbor or friend. This is a difficult request, and some may consider it odd, especially since we live in such an instantaneous world, but it does deserve some consideration.

    • I appreciate the note. This is something we take into account when making these decisions. Typically we would avoid posting a crash photo if it showed a victim or if there was a fatality. In this instance, when we got this picture we knew there were no fatalities, so we felt more comfortable running with it. This is always a tough call and nothing is clear cut. Also, some people are more sensitive to it than others. We try to balance all of that and make a decision. In this instance, I think the photo captured the seriousness of the accident while also providing important context. Perhaps it will serve as a warning to other people and they will exercise more caution in the future.

      • Bulldog

        Thank you, Dan, for your response. I appreciate you taking the time to confirm that there were no fatalities, but there was really no way of knowing whether or not the crash would lead to fatalities. It just seems to me that the story could have initially run without pictures. The pictures could have been included in an update story as soon as more was known about those involved in the accident. More and more people are getting news from your site, which is certainly a good thing for you and for the Decatur community as a whole. However, I would imagine that creates a certain amount of pressure to have the story and the pictures first (not unlike the pressures that a newsroom faces). There are certainly lots of forces at play here, and I appreciate you recognizing and respecting as many as you can before posting. Lastly, thank you for your continuing contribution to the community.

      • twh10d

        I think it was right to show the photos. A close relative of mine was in the Audi and it helped my family understand the seriousness of the accident. So I’m thankful for Decaturish, but I’m concerned for Decatur and anyone who drives this road.

  • Mary Collins

    I was beside this (or an EXTREMELY similiar) USA Cement Mixing truck during traffic yesterday afternoon on Clairmont. I remember, because I yelled at the driver for TEXTING AND DRIVING and not paying attention to the road. I believe I actually said “You could kill somebody with that huge cement truck!” Jeez. Very very glad no one got hurt.

  • KR

    It seems there is an accident here every few weeks, a serious one every few months. Luckily no life threatening injuries this time but there have been a number of people killed here recently.
    After the last death there was a road safety meeting. It was sickening to listen to public officials speak. Little sympathy for the victims, no plan of action to reduce speeding or make the roadway safer, and we were flatly told that ’employers in the Clifton corridor’ would not like the flow of traffic impeded in any way.
    At one time we were considered a doorway community to Emory, CDC etc, now we are treated like a doormat.
    This is a deadly stretch of road. I challenge any public official to walk the sidewalk on North Decatur Rd from Clifton to Scott Blvd. Twenty minutes of sheer terror.
    I guess if you do not live here it is ok.

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