Pothole Palooza: DeKalb fixes 700 potholes in April

Posted by Dena Mellick May 5, 2015
Crews repaired 700 potholes in April. Photo provided by DeKalb County.

Crews repaired 700 potholes in April. Photo provided by DeKalb County.

Did you know there was a Pothole Palooza happening last month in DeKalb County?

DeKalb said in a press release its Roads & Drainage Division repaired 700 potholes in April as part of the 2nd annual Pothole Palooza intensive road infrastructure improvement campaign.

The month-long push for repairs also coincided with National County Government Month, which is described as a month-long celebration to raise “public awareness and understanding about the roles and responsibilities of county government.” The theme this year was transportation and infrastructure.

The press release from the county said it has fixed 1,500 potholes so far this year. And if you missed Pothole Palooza, don’t despair. The county said crews are still working in May to fix rough roads.

You can report a pothole by calling 404-297-3813.

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  • Jan Atlanta

    Where’s the line item in the budget for this, what is the cost? RAJ commented in another post that it was from Parks Bond money. Also interesting to notice that many of the potholes filled were in the proposed boundaries of LaVista Hills. Is the same true in the proposed city of Tucker?

    • notapunk

      How many potholes did people in the proposed city of Tucker report? The county was soliciting and responding to pothole reports, not sending crews all over the county to look for them. And there’s still time to call, as DeKalb is continuing the program through May: http://www.dekalbcountyga.gov/pdf/2014_05_01_pothole_palooza.pdf

    • RAJ

      Look….Am I the only one out of 700,000 DeKalb County residents to get this….$4 Million in park bond money approved by the voters for PARKS & REC being spent to fill potholes because the ICEO did not put any money on the Capital Improvement budget line in the 2015 budget to fix the County roads. Remember that no one ever voted for Lee May for CEO, and no wonder why. The BOC then approves the amount last Tuesday with Nancy Jester, the newly minted Republican(ne Elaine Boyer)” fiscally responsibly” Commissioner leading the way on this vote. She is also high on promoting a very crooked GM(now Assembly)deal which will cost the DeKalb taxpayers dearly. Kept Bob Lundston on the payroll much to long. Strike two in my book Nancy! The Pothole Palooza was forced by the threat of the Feds taking away our tax exempt status for not spending interest on 2001 Park bond money and it came down to use it or lose it. So I think we get $31 Million spent on stuff we voted for a decade ago and $4 Million illegally spent to fill potholes. Just for the record I DID attend a highly respected institution of higher (football)learning half a century ago and in seven years of dodging the draft attained a BS in BS while majoring in Economics and Foreign Policy.

  • An American Patriot

    Yeah, maybe (a big maybe) they’ll get around to filling the two big potholes at the bridge on N. Druid Hills Road. They’ve been there a long time and I’m tired of dodging them. Get up off your hiney DeKalb County.

  • Dolt

    Are the giant holes on E. Ponce De Leon Ave that had to be repaired 2 or 3 times in the same spots over the last 3 months because they couldn’t be bothered to do it right the first time included in this 700 number?

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