Suburban Lanes closes, Cozy Burger leaving Suburban Plaza

Posted by Dena Mellick May 8, 2015
Bowler Regina Mansfield came to Suburban Lanes the final day before the bowling alley closed. Photo by Dena Mellick

Bowler Regina Mansfield came to Suburban Lanes the final day before the bowling alley closed. Photo by Dena Mellick

By Dena Mellick, Associate editor

Suburban Lanes Bowling Alley quietly closed its doors Sunday night. Trisha Walker, owner of Suburban Lanes, along with her husband Thomas Walker Jr., confirmed the closing in an email, saying Sunday was their last day of business.

The Walkers had petitioned to keep Suburban Lanes in Suburban Plaza, which is being redeveloped by Selig Enterprises. However, in February, they told Decaturish they had lost their lease and were looking for a buyer for the bowling alley.

When asked this week if a buyer had come forward, Trisha Walker said in an email, “there is an interested party. However, nothing has been finalized.”

Bill Stogner, Senior Vice President with Selig Enterprises, also told Decaturish, “We’re potentially working with another group to take over the bowling alley,” but he said there was not a deal yet.

On Sunday evening, about 15 people were in Suburban Lanes bowling on its final night.

Assistant manager Jaime Meredith said he was staying until the end of the night to close the bowling alley for the last time.

“I’m trying not to think about it too much. But before I lock up, I’m going to throw one last ball down there, just to say I got to bowl before we closed. That will be pretty cool,” said Meredith.

Bowler Regina Mansfield was there with a friend.

“We didn’t even know it was the last night. We just wanted to come bowl, and this is where we come,” she said. “I feel a little sad, because this is the bowling alley we know.”

Stogner previously said the developer had worked to keep the bowling alley, but a financial agreement couldn’t be reached.

The redevelopment of Suburban Plaza had a rocky start with community groups fighting the proposed Walmart, but eventually backing down.

The Walmart is now well under way, and Stogner told Decaturish it will open this fall.

He confirmed leases have been signed with other anchor tenants including Ross, Home Goods, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, and LA Fitness.

Stogner also said Moe’s and Pizza Hut are staying, along with the uniform shop and the hearing aid company. Starbucks, a nail spa, and a barber shop will be added to the center.

However, another current business won’t make it into the new development. Stogner said despite attempts to work out a deal with Cozy Burger, the restaurant will not remain in Suburban Plaza.

“I don’t think that’s going to work out, because they don’t feel that they can do the sales to be successful,” said Stogner.

Stogner said Selig is still working to bring in more retailers and businesses. He said he expected other shops would open in early 2016.

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  • John Moore

    Great! N Decatur and Scott Blvd will have all of the charm of any expressway exit across the USA.

    • RAJ

      Look…It’s a start…or a re-start, I was working in the Plaza in 1968 when Stogner was working in the Pizza hut and stores were busy, WalMart may only last out their 5 year lease and things can change over time. New development is moving in bringing much needed change to the area while old neighborhoods like MANA with lazy, old, decrepit leadership(?)allow their neighborhoods to be littered by trash, abandoned cars, weeds and tall grass in gross violation of County Codes. People who live in these once proud neighborhoods now infested with slum lords, irresponsible drug using Emory “Federal Dependent” students, and other Phd toting white trash have the nerve to complain about the redevelopment of property to improve the community. Last week the construction superintendent said everything was going just great and I hope everyone is going ton happy!

  • Blackcat Prowl

    : ( Sad…

    • Blackcat Prowl

      I was just thinking of going up there…

  • lalamonkey

    That is a shame. The news about Cozy burger is also a real shame. They just told me and my husband last week at their Northlake Mall location that they would definitely be back in the new center. They make a fantastic burger and their restaurant was a real asset to our area.

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