Cityhood in South DeKalb meeting planned

Posted by Dena Mellick June 11, 2015
Members of Concerned Citizens for Cityhood for South DeKalb met at the public library in Clarkston on Monday, Nov. 17, 2014. File photo by Dan Whisenhunt

Members of Concerned Citizens for Cityhood for South DeKalb met at the public library in Clarkston on Monday, Nov. 17, 2014. File photo by Dan Whisenhunt

The legislative session may be over, but the discussions on cityhood are certainly not.

A community forum on Cityhood in South DeKalb is set for Tuesday, June 23rd from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Knollwood Elementary School at 3039 Santa Monica Drive in greater Decatur.

The event, hosted by Partners in Action for Healthy Living (PAHL), is described in a press release as “a panel discussion that brings together representatives from all sides of the cityhood issue to explore the pros and cons of cityhood in South DeKalb. Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb, represented by Ed Williams, and the pro-Greenhaven group Concerned Citizens for Cityhood in South DeKalb will be featured on the panel. Additional panelists will round out the discussion with other perspectives.”

You may recall, the proposed city of Greenhaven didn’t make it through the legislature this year.

Concerned Citizens for South DeKalb President Kathryn Rice, the group behind Greenhaven, said in April, “We are disappointed in the results but plan to continue moving forward.”

The press release says of the June 23rd panel, “This discussion is intended to highlight the various angles of the cityhood issue so that South DeKalb residents will be informed and empowered to determine the future of their communities. There has been some debate about the proposed city of Greenhaven, which would incorporate most of South DeKalb, but most residents have not had an opportunity to thoroughly explore the issue. Hearing all sides of the issue, from the people that are on the forefront of the movements both for and against cityhood, will empower residents to make educated decisions.”

The release says there will be a Q&A session after the panel.

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  • Sarah Smith

    Citizens against Dekalb? Why this group and not Dekalb Strong? Judging from the Facebook interest it appears CAD has a mere 50 followers as opposed to DS 500+ so it seems odd that these two haven’t joined forces seeing as their only goal is to keep Dekalb unincorporated like they say it is.

    • Ed Williams

      We are working together. The number of likes on facebook does not indicate anything other than the site was just recently created a couple of months ago. The Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb has been in the forefront in stopping the referendum in South DeKalb, both Stonecrest and Greenhaven. Ed Williams the leader has written several articles; attended several HOA meetings; appeared on the radio and attended all the 5th district commission forums talking with the candidates and all the media about the issue. Further more he lives in South DeKalb. So why not Citizens Against CItyhood in DeKalb? There is no cityhood referendum in South DeKalb.

      Ed Williams
      Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb

  • notapunk

    It’s a race issue.

    • RAJ

      After this week’s meeting are Sharon Barnes and Roy Barnes related?

  • Ed Williams

    Contact Us If you would like us to speak at your next meeting. (678) 304-7736

    It seems that it is easier to create a city than to remove a corrupt elected official from office.

    Say No to Shot Gun Cities in DeKalb. We are being held with a gun barrel pointed at our heads. We are being told that we will pay more taxes than the others in the county if we do not form a city. We are being lead to believe that more government is better.

    What cityhood will likely bring is more government with rules and regulations, lower property values, more crime, more corruption, more traffic tickets, more code enforcement, less businesses, and bad customer service.
    We do not believe that a city will create jobs that is the mission of the chamber of commerce, and private citizens. We do not want to trade our suburban communities for an urban jungle; We do not want more crime, corruption, and government. We want better leadership and collaboration all over North, Central and South DeKalb. Ask the economic experts what significant jobs they have created.

    South DeKalb could look like Clayton County, Miami Gardens, Tuskegee, Alabama, East Saint Louis, Liberty City, Gary Indiana, Detroit, Washington, DC, or Ferguson, Missouri if the cityhood bill is passed by the state assembly and the referendum is passed by the voters. Ask the proponents of cityhood which city they plan to use as a model for South DeKalb or Stonecrest. I do not mean what
    the feasibility study used. I mean which city proponents believe South DeKalb will look like with similar demographics and population.

    Do Not Believe the Hype!!! Unincorporated DeKalb is not paying more for Bonds and Pensions than others in DeKalb County. It is not true and the facts are being stretched to create fear. The proponents of cityhood are simply not explaining the differences in the services and how the pension is funded. Ask for specifics so that you can make an informed decision. Do thproponents have any evidence or record to show what they can do? The proponents for cityhood have not described what assets they want to protect.

    Alternatives have not been presented to residents in the affected area. For example, smaller cities, opting out of the city, change the annexation laws, court action. Alternative forms of quasi governmental communities should be considered, private residential associations or communities and special districts could also be alternatives to cityhood.

    Annexation is being used as a scare tactic. Annexation is not a simple process. The community or property owner has to agree to be annexed. Property cannot just be taken or seized.

    All Talk. There is no historical evidence that forming a city will provide significant private investment in a community which lacks demographic diversity. The proponents are mixing economic development with cityhood, these are two separate issues. Cityhood does not create economic development. A few will become rich while the rest will pay for it.. Do you see what has happened to
    the schools. Being close to the airport does not make a city grow, look at Riverdale, College Park Jonesboro, and Forest Park.

    Ed Williams, Chair
    Citizens Against Cityhood in DeKalb

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