Decatur Dairy Queen location set in new development

Posted by Dena Mellick June 4, 2015
Rendering by ColeJenest & Stone

Rendering by ColeJenest & Stone

By Dena Mellick, Associate editor

The location is set for the return of the Decatur Dairy Queen in a new mixed-use development currently under construction.

Dairy Queen will be located along East Trinity Place near the East Howard Avenue intersection, according to the developer of Arlo, previously known as Trinity Triangle.

Kent Collins, with Centro Development, LLC, said Dairy Queen will be to the right of the parking garage entrance on East Trinity Place. You can see a car entering the parking garage in the rendering.

Collins said next to the Dairy Queen there will be six live/work spaces that will wrap around the building, continuing from East Trinity Place onto the East Howard Avenue side, where the PATH trail is located.

Collins said the parking structure is on the East Howard Avenue side, flanked by apartments and the live/work areas.

This month, the city of Decatur said in a press release:

The Arlo project (formerly Trinity Triangle) has completed work on the parking deck and started construction on the ground floor retail and upper floor residential units. We had originally hoped to have residential fronting the railroad side of the parking deck but it was impossible to get financing for the project with that configuration. While the parking deck will be visible from the south side of the project, the developer has committed to working with the Decatur Arts Alliance to identify and fund a mural artist to create a work of art on that elevation, and to maintain the artwork after its creation.

Decaturish asked Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne to further clarify when the parking deck design decision was made. In an email, Menne said, “It was decided several years ago as part of the design review process.”

Collins said it was always in the plans to have the parking structure along Howard, and he pointed out there are residential units as well along that side. Collins said he believes the city was hoping that the parking garage would not be able to be seen from the street, but that was not feasible in that space.

“We couldn’t bury the parking structure within the building, because then it creates a lot of really inefficient parking and doesn’t allow for you to have a pool and a courtyard,” Collins said.

He said, additionally, the city had other parking requests. “The city struck a deal with us, since the city owns the depot, for us to provide 30 parking spaces for Kimball House,” he said.

So what else can residents expect? While no other specific businesses have been announced besides Dairy Queen, Collins said the reddish brown point of the triangle as seen on the rendering will be the patio of a large restaurant. The entrance to the restaurant will be on East Trinity Place next to another retail space and the management leasing office and fitness area for the development.

The third side of the triangle backs up to the businesses on Church Street. Collins said, “We’re creating a much more attractive service drive that will be able to be accessed by the businesses like Kevin Gillespie’s Revival.” The celebrity chef’s restaurant is under construction in the former Harbour Bar space.

There will be apartments along that side and a pedestrian path that leads to a dog walking area.

Collins said there will be a total of 210 apartments, in addition to the six live/work units, and there will be 7,000 square feet of retail space.

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  • Judgebrandeis

    I bet my Blizzard will melt before I get out of the massive traffic jam that 300 plus cars entering and leaving ARLO will create. Why CSD didn’t require a traffic study is beyond me….

  • An American Patriot

    Son, you ain’t seen no traffic yet until the Callaway Building is torn down to make way for more apartments on trinity at N. McDonough. Some parts of the day, it will be impossible to travel from the RR Tracks at the Depot all the way to WPDL It’ll be bumper to bumper. As i’ve said before, this space (callaway bldg) is perfect place for a new middle school to be built. That way the whole block will be school property and a perfect transition from MS to DHS. It ain’t too late, CSD and City Commissioners. Put your stubborn heads together and make it happen. You know it’s right. Please don’t make another DeVry error. And please, when you pick a new Superintendent, make sure he/she has enough skills in order to properly bargain when the situation calls for it. That’s IMO how we missed acquiring the DeVry Property. Another piece of advice…….Be extremely transparent about how you plan to spend the $75M Referendum coming up. Make sure all the details are there and make sure you communicate the details to the Decatur Community long before the vote on the referendum is slated to happen. Remember folks, you’ll be paying for this for THIRTY YEARS….that’s 30 years and it’s a long time.

  • atlfc

    Decatur will be a complete cluster **** in a couple of years. Where the heck are these cars going to go? What idiotic planning!

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