UPDATE: Three robberies reported in Medlock Park

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt June 29, 2015
The boundaries of the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association, obtained via http://www.medlockpark.org/

The boundaries of the Medlock Area Neighborhood Association, obtained via http://www.medlockpark.org/

Three people reported being robbed at gunpoint in Medlock Park on the morning of June 29. The robberies were separate incidents, but may have involved the same perpetrator. The victims gave similar descriptions of the suspects over social media.

A DeKalb County Police spokesperson confirmed that police believe the same suspects were involved in all three incidents. The crimes occurred shortly before 11 a.m.

According to posts on social media, the robberies occurred at Larry Lane and Woodridge Drive, Woodridge Drive and Medlock Road, and Woodridge Drive and Alberson Court.

The suspects are described as three to four black males riding in a blue, four door vehicle, possibly a Honda Accord or Civic, using a temporary tag. Decaturish has asked for additional details about the description of the suspects and will update this story if the police department provides any new information.

Parish did have photos of the car the suspects may have used. She said, “It was taken in a carjacking Saturday from the parking lot of Wal-mart in the 5000 block of Memorial Drive Drive.”

Take a look …

car 2

car 1

According to police, one victim was cutting grass at his home on Alberson Court when he saw a small blue vehicle driving in his neighborhood.

“The vehicle pulled up to him and a black male passenger exited the vehicle and produced a black semi-automatic handgun and told the victim to give him all he had,” DeKalb Police spokesperson Mekka Parish said. “The victim handed the suspect his wallet and the vehicle fled the scene but threw the wallet out of the vehicle near the incident location because it didn’t contain any cash. The suspects then committed two additional armed robberies.”

One of the victims was a woman exercising near her home. Two of the suspects pointed guns at her and demanded money. They got away with her iPhone and fled. The other victim was walking his dog near his home. The suspects approached him and pulled out a handgun, taking his wallet and cell phone.

That victim told Decaturish the suspect that robbed him was wearing shorts and a tee-shirt, and had a spiky hair-do.

“It was somewhat cordial,” the victim said. “It wasn’t like the guy was threatening to hit me or screaming at me. He said, ‘Give me your wallet and your phone. He was six feet away from me. They were not trying to attract attention themselves.”Parish said the investigation continues.

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  • Moe Emenaker

    Disgusting. I’m glad I’m getting out of here.

  • Anne

    What time this morning? How many suspects?

    • Two suspects. Sorry, I thought I made that clear. Not sure about the time. I’m working to get police reports, but so far haven’t gotten anything from DeKalb PD.

      • Card1122

        Appears to be between 11:00 – 11:30am, which I once again don’t understand how the exact time isn’t noted from three different people who would have obviously ran inside and called the cops, knowing the exact time.

        • Mike D

          It was 11am

  • Card1122

    How are three different people not able to at least make note of the Make of the vehicle?

    • As I said, a police report would be helpful. I’m only reporting it because I think it would be better if people knew that there was a string of robberies going on, but that’s not my usual method of doing things. Unfortunately, DeKalb Police have not responded (which is odd, because they usually respond pretty quickly). Trying to get all of this nailed down. Thanks for your patience.

      • Card1122

        Not blaming you at all. You guys are just reporting what the victims told the Medlock group.. if they had given more information such as make and model then it would have been reported. I could tell you any car from any angle what the make and model is, but a little more description on the car would go a long way in helping find them. I just don’t understand how they could at least try to make note of the make of the car since they obviously got a good look. Security cameras on some houses could actually try to help find a shot of the car involved, but the description is too generic.

        • douggross

          I have fortunately never had the experience, but something tells me that when looking down the barrel of a handgun, other details may get a bit fuzzy.

        • Mike D


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