Carl’s Corner archway in Avondale Estates is repaired

Posted by Dena Mellick July 15, 2015
Carl's Corner, a historic gateway arch in Avondale Estates, prior to the stabilization. Photo courtesy of Avondale Estates

Carl’s Corner, a historic gateway arch in Avondale Estates, prior to the stabilization. Photo courtesy of Avondale Estates

Avondale Estates says the historic Carl’s Corner monument has been repaired ahead of schedule.

In its July/August newsletter, the city reported, “In April, after months of work—but still ahead of schedule—the City of Avondale Estates completed stabilizing and repairing its historic western gateway monument, Carl’s Corner.”

Last March, the city received a $9,270 grant from the Historic Preservation Fund to fix the red brick and stucco archway, built in the 1920s. The grant covered 60 percent of the work needed on the archway.

The memorial, located at the corner of South Avondale and North Avondale Roads, was named after Carl Houseworth, an Avondale Estates gardener. The city news letter says, “It was referenced in 1986 as a contributing feature to the National Register of Historic Places District.”

It goes on to say, “A letter signed by a group of five longtime Avondale Estates residents cites the importance of restoring Carl’s Corner, one of the city’s original structures: ‘It was meant to be a welcome mat for pedestrians visiting our town. This has been an inspiration for many local artists.'”

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  • Viola M

    Looks great! Now wondering about the actual western entrance/city limits to Avondale Estates (Sam’s Xing and E. College). There have been many micro-improvements to AE downtown; talks of a bike path connecting Columbia up through Katie Kerr; but what about the master plans about upgrades to the “College Ave Redevelopment Parcels?” There’s been zero action to this eyesore for years. Any updates?

  • Brad

    A traffic study was completed to review the feasibility of a road diet on College Avenue, to add streetscape or bike lanes. The “erector set” was sold to a developer by the bank that owned it but no plans are imminent for redevelopment of that parcel just yet. A dentist office is planned at the corner of Olive and College. As for the redevelopment of all the tire shops and used car lots, one can only hope someone someday presents an offer those property owners couldn’t refuse. Until then, not much else can make it go away!

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