Drone alone: Oakhurst man misplaces flying robot

Posted by Decaturish.com July 6, 2015
Flyer for Bebop.

Flyer for Bebop.

This story has been updated.

A Decatur man as recovered is Bebop, a drone that went missing over the Independence Day weekend.

According to a flyer being distributed around the Oakhurst neighborhood, Bebop’s dad missed him. Perry Robinson, who lives in Oakhurst, took the red drone out on July 4 to film fireworks in Decatur. But he lost contact with the drone during the show.

“I was filming fireworks and the drone got lost in an explosion,” said Robinson, an avid drone hobbyist. “I don’t think it got hit. It lost connection. It disappeared into the darkness.”

CBS46 reports Robinson’s drone was returned to him on June 6.

The drone and controller cost about $900 and Robinson had offered a reward for Bebop’s safe return. He said it isn’t the first time he’s lost a drone this way.

“I’ve lost a couple before,” Robinson said. “That’s the first expensive one that I’ve lost. I’m still hopeful and in recovery mode.”

Robinson said he sent up his other drones on a quest to find Bebop, reasoning, “Use a thief to catch a thief. Why not use a drone to catch a drone?”

On Monday, July 6, he said he might have spotted it on a local rooftop.

“I have the challenge of getting it off said roof,” Robinson added.

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  • DecaturDan

    There was some jerkwad flying a drone through the fireworks – bright green and red lights flashing away, totally distracting from the show. If it was this guy, I was hoping it was destroyed.

    • marcusowens

      Flashing lights on a drone distracting people from literal explosions in the sky. Now I’ve heard it all.

      • DecaturDan

        Everyone on the parking deck I was perched upon was saying the same thing. There were about 100 people there. Even my kids were asking if the “police can shoot it down”.

        If you’re at a fireworks show, you go to see the fireworks. Not some fireworks with a floating, bobbing, buzzing wad of uber-bright LED’s weaving in and out of the show.

        • marcusowens

          Considering “BeBop” was behind the imperial, it’s a pretty big leap of logic to assume this was the same guy. For all you know, the drone belonged to the people that organized the fireworks.

          I guess I do see how that would be a bit distracting, the temptation to be glib was strong. I was not under the impression it was zooming around the crowd close enough to be heard…. one has to wonder what’s the point of flying a drone just to get the same views you could see on the ground, right?

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