Water pressure drops in DeKalb County

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt July 23, 2015
A dripping faucet. Photo by Danny Steaven. Source: Wikimedia commons

A dripping faucet. Photo by Danny Steaven. Source: Wikimedia commons

This story has been updated. 

There were numerous reports about low water pressure in Decatur and the surrounding communities on Thursday evening, July 23.

Water pressure came back on for some residents by 1:05 a.m. on July 24.

According to the DeKalb County twitter feed, a mower hit a fire hydrant on a 48 inch main transmission line at Henderson Mill and Evans Road. The county said full water pressure was restored by 3:30 a.m., but work on the problem continues. There are no boil water advisories in effect, but the county is conducting testing to see if that will be necessary.

The county’s updates came in the early morning hours of July 24. During the incident, there was little information about what had happened.

Fox 5 Atlanta reported that a water main broke at Henderson Mill Road by Northlake Mall. Some readers also reported a water main break at Henderson Mill and LaVista Roads. Readers circulated a WSB-TV photo gallery showing a water main break flooding a neighborhood in DeKalb County, but there’s no date on the slideshow (one of our readers said it’s from an incident in 2012) and no information on whether that was the cause of the issue. Attempts to reach county officials on July 23 were unsuccessful. The 24 hour emergency line at the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management was busy Thursday evening.

Water pressure was reported to be low or non-existent on numerous streets throughout the Decatur area. There were also reports of low pressure in Avondale Estates, Stone Mountain, Clarkston and Scottdale.

This story will be updated with more information when it becomes available.

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  • Camille Mahdi

    Low water pressure is an understatement! We have zero water! It took me 30 minutes to get through to watershed and I have been on a hold loop for 46 minutes and counting!

    • Yes, my wife came down stairs and said, “Are you flooding the kitchen or something down here?”

      • Camille Mahdi

        After I verified that I was not going senile and confirmed online that I had indeed paid my last bill, I then went down to the basement to make sure that the water heater was not leaking or something. At this point, I should probably hang up the phone, but with almost an hour in at this point I figure that I may as well see it through…

  • have paddle but no creek

    I’m completely out in Clarkson too!

  • cybererik

    When you click the link to the WSB story it is nothing but a slideshow of a daytime water break. This doesn’t seem to be the same story since this just started tonight.

  • musetheater

    Anybody know where the break is? I’m totally out of water in the Toco Hills area. This seems like a widespread problem.

  • Ldysnow

    The lack of information is disturbing, both in this and the traffic stop earlier today. Maybe they need to hire a new pr person? lol

    I don’t see how Henderson Mill and Lavista would create an outage in Avondale Estates/Downtown Decatur area.. (I’m half on either side of the line and I’m out)

  • Christia Charna

    So it’s not just me, I thought I was going crazy! I’m searching everywhere for an answer and I finally found one! Thank you. I tried calling the emergency number to the watershed management, but all I get is a busy signal, the water is out in Clarkston, and Stone Mountain as well.

  • An American Patriot

    Knowing DeKalb County, they forgot to pay the Water Bill 🙂



  • Tucker Reader

    The break is at the intersection of Henderson Mill and Evans Rd. It is a major line that serves the entire county which is why the outage is widespread.

  • Stan

    Terrible communication on county’s part. No info at http://www.dekalbwatershed.com/index.html as of midnight.

  • Chris Haynes

    I live in Stone Mountain and started getting low water pressure about an hour ago then nothing at all.

  • Keith Buck

    DeKalb Watershed SUCKS! Seriously??? Have you heard of the internet you losers? You can’t post something on your website???? And a busy signal on the 24 hour emergency line???? Seriously??? You don’t have a PBX that could give an automated announcement????

  • Megan King

    No water in Stone Mountain. Literally zero water coming out of the faucets. By Memorial/Old Memorial. 5 minutes from the park entrance.

  • Jason

    The water just came back on in Decatur Terrace. It’s pretty brown, though.

    • Christia Charna

      Mine is back on as well. Just let it run for a couple of minutes and it should clear up. They haven’t said anything about boiling the water before using it so I’m sure it’s safe.

  • Christia Charna

    The water is finally back on in Clarkston and Stone Mountain, after being out for three hours.

  • Giftbearer

    I’m in Stone Mountain and it’s alot more than just low pressure and intermittent short outages, as most of the news reports make it sound! I had low pressure last night and have had NO water all day today. I called and emailed several times to get some projected time they thought it would be fixed and was told by a phone representative that they have no information.

    Apparently the man who is directly over the contractor doing the work is somebody named Mr. Moore. A phone representative connected me to him at around 10 AM this morning and I only got a voicemail. He is nowhere to be found!

    I have the feeling there is more to this than we’re being told.

  • Bob

    Woke up to no water pressure today, Saturday. I keep seeing reports that the break occurred late Thursday night but I witnessed rushing water there at 2:45 Thursday afternoon with dekalb vehicles on scene. Why the cover up?

  • Charles Mote Jr

    Very low pressure near North Dekalb Hospital this Saturday morning.

  • MXL

    It’s 8:55am and still no water on Memorial Drive & Covington Hwy. I have barely existent pressure downstairs and not a drop of water upstairs (where my showers are). The 24-hr Emergency number at Dekalb Watershed has constant busy signal and the website mentions how there’s no Boil Advisory in effect, but that means nothing to those of us still without water. Can’t get answers anywhere. Just wanna flush my toilet again and would love to take a shower before work.

  • Charles Mote Jr

    Low pressure again this AM near North Dekalb Hospital (north Decatur) after returning PM Saturday 7/25 evening. Received automated phone message for boil advisory 6 PM Saturday. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon.

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