DeKalb Police arrest two juveniles in connection with carjacking that led to Emory alert

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt August 14, 2015
Illustration: A DeKalb County Police vehicle. Photo obtained via Wikimedia Commons

Illustration: A DeKalb County Police vehicle. Photo obtained via Wikimedia Commons

DeKalb Police report that two juvenile male suspects are in custody following a carjacking that triggered a campus-wide alert at Emory University.

DeKalb Police Capt. Steven Fore said, “Two male juveniles have been arrested and charged with two counts of armed robbery. Since both are juveniles their ID cannot be released. The investigation is ongoing as these suspects maybe responsible for additional crimes in the area.”

The incident occurred in the early-morning hours of Aug. 11. According to Fore, officers responded to the carjacking 751 N. Indian Creek Drive at 3:45 a.m.

“The victims, a 28 and a 31 year males, reported they were sitting in their vehicle, a black Jeep Wrangler, when they were approached by two young black males in their teens dressed all in black armed with handguns,” Fore said. “The males robbed the victims of personal belongings and then ordered them out of the vehicle.  The two suspects then fled in the Jeep Wrangler.

“A lookout was given on the vehicle and uniform officers spotted the vehicle minutes later on Memorial Drive near Memorial College Ave.  Officers attempted to stop the vehicle and it fled on Memorial Drive to N. Decatur and continued turning right on Haygood Drive where officers lost sight of the vehicle.  The vehicle was located abandon on Eagle Row. A perimeter was established and search conducted for the suspects with the assistance of K9.”

Shortly after the incident, Emory warned faculty and staff to “shelter in place” until the issue was resolved.

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  • lvg

    Not very comforting to surrounding neighbors.

    • Save Tucker!

      Actually, yes it should be. DeKalb police established a perimeter and kept suspects contained to Emory campus, which was on a lockdown / alert. The media failed to accurately report the details of these events, which is what created fear unnecessarily. Starting by the fact that all media outlets reported that the carjacking took place in Tucker. That is the location of the North / Central precinct, but not the location of the crime. This mistake is made often and the news media needs to print (or air) retractions when they make this mistake. News reporters, editors and directors need to be aware of this common mistake so they can prevent it from happening again and again. The media also failed to note that the lockdown was lifted only after the suspects where in custody, so nearby neighborhoods did not have to be concerned about why police were not searching their areas and why there was no description of the suspects being provided.

      Also, what kind of ramifications will there be to the parents of these juveniles who were out at 3:45 a.m. committing crimes as it did not sound like it was the first time? Does anyone know if there are laws in Georgia that allow the parents to be held accountable in situations like this one?

      Also, please note, this story reports that police “lost sight” of the suspects. That is only the DeKalb police that lost sight because they did not have jurisdiction on the Emory campus. Emory police stated that the suspects were seen exiting a vehicle at a parking garage and fleeing on foot. The perimeter that was established was most likely around the Emory campus by the DeKalb police, so that when they re-entered their jurisdiction, they would catch them, which they did with the help of the K-9 unit and additional officers who were readily available.

      Great job by police. Terrible and irresponsible reporting by the media in general. Terrible parenting by whomever is responsible for these juveniles and also terrible result of a failing school system, most likely.

      • Estelle Ford-Williamson

        “result of a failing school system.” Can be due to failures of parents to be involved with their children, seeing to homework, caring about their after-school activities. But the citizens of DeKalb have vehemently resisted raising taxes, meaning it was easy to take Parks and Rec funding from $20 million annually to $7 million annually in the last several years under Burrell Ellis. The supports that used to be there have been eroded.

        • Save Tucker!

          And now DeKalb police will surely lose more of their funding if new cities are formed with their own small departments and jurisdictions. That sounds problematic to say the least.

      • lvg

        How do I verify this report? Sophie Choi from Channel 2 knew nothing about any arrest. Whole surrounding neighborhood for several miles woken up by crime alert and sirens. Why were we not informed? AJC also said they were chased off campus. Other car jackers arrested same day nearby by APD.Could those be ones to which you are referring?

        • Save Tucker!

          Could have been APD police and DeKalb with the perimeter. Does Emory span both city of ATL and unincorporated ATL in DeKalb?

          • lvg

            according to a Dekalb sheriff the only arrest in the two incidents in our neighborhood of carjackers and a chase ocurred in City of Atlana on University Drive. Again we need to know if Choi is correct that all Dekalb Police did is chase them off campus and lose them.

          • Save Tucker!

            Emory police are not the same as DeKalb Police.

      • David

        The armed robbery/carjacking started in Tucker Precinct. More specifically, at an apartment complex off N. Indian Creek Dr.
        Dekalb Officers chased the suspects into Emory and lost sight of the vehicle when the suspects pulled into a parking garage. The suspects then fled the vehicle. I don’t know where they ran however, Dekalb PD nor Emory PD caught the suspects that day.
        Continuing on, these suspects were connected to over 8 different armed robberys in Tucker Precinct and other carjackings. With the help of the Detectives at Tucker Precinct and the Field Investigation Task Force, they were able to take down two suspects on a later date after a foot chase. This happened on August 13th.

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