DeKalb CEO target of search warrants for emails

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt September 1, 2015
DeKalb County CEO Lee May. Photo provided by Reporter Newspapers.

DeKalb County CEO Lee May. Photo provided by Reporter Newspapers.

DeKalb County CEO Lee May confirmed today that DeKalb Superior Court issued search warrants for his emails and the emails of two former county employees.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that the former employees are Deputy COO Morriss Williams and former Procurement Director Kelvin Walton, who testified against former CEO Burrell Ellis. The former CEO was convicted on corruption charges and sentenced to prison in July.

In a statement, May said, “Today, DeKalb County received search warrants issued by DeKalb Superior Court for emails for myself and two former DeKalb County employees.  I have said from the very beginning that I expect full cooperation from all county employees as it pertains to the ongoing investigations into DeKalb County government. I include myself in that directive, and I have ordered staff to comply completely and as rapidly as possible.

“I share the sentiments of everyone who wants to get to the bottom of corruption and wrongdoing, and these search warrants are a step in this process.  Personally, I have nothing to hide; and there will be nothing in my email to suggest I have done anything wrong.”

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  • RAJ

    You can’t make this stuff up!!

  • Cities Are Bad

    DeKalb strong is making things happen! Support us and let us keep so many DeKalb employees spending their money in the county and keeping it strong. These bad elected people are the only ones that will be put in jail. We do not need any more elected officials to put in jail, so don’t vote for these terrible cities that want to pollute our area with lower income workers to take our high paying jobs for less money. Donate what you can to DeKalb strong today, we are being outspent by those city fans and they will win if they spend enough. Keep dekalb a working community, not some high falootin bedroom community with houses that are taller than a couple of double wides stacked up.

  • WakeUpDekalb

    FUD = Fear – Uncertainty – Doubt. The oldest trick known to mankind and used to scare people. The Cities Are Bad post makes me think of medieval times when the “Supreme Ruler” did not want his subjects revolting. Well Guess What – Dekalb Taxpayers are Awake, Alert , Tired of the Corruption & Ready for CHANGE!!!

  • WakeUpDekalb

    People Want to Know WHY Dekalb Property Owners Want to Be in A City.

    PLS READ -Something Is Very Wrong With DeKalb’s Police:

  • WakeUpDekalb

    Folks Wonder WHY Dekalb Property Owners Want Cities With An Increase in Services & Accountability.

    PLS READ: Something is Very Wrong With DeKalb’s Police –

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