No longer Abel: Special Events Coordinator parts ways with Decatur

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt September 16, 2015
Katie Abel. Photo obtained via YouTube.

Katie Abel. Photo obtained via YouTube.

As the special events coordinator, Katie Abel was involved in all of the city’s major events, from the Craft Beer Festival, to the Book Festival to the Decatur Beach Party.

But Abel, a Decatur native who began working for the city in 2010, recently left the position, according to city officials.

Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne, who oversees community and economic development for the city, said Abel found a job that offered more flexibility.

“Katie decided this summer that she wanted to have more time to spend with her family and located a part-time job that affords that opportunity,” Menne said. “The Special Events Coordinator position requires working a lot of weekends and attending a number of evening meetings.”

One of Abel’s jobs was handling permits for television and movie crews filming in the city of Decatur.

Menne said the special events coordinator job has been posted internally, but will be advertised if the city can’t identify a qualified candidate.

“For now, we have a system in place to handle the logistics of the remaining events through the end of this calendar year,” Menne said. “(City spokesperson) Casie Yoder will be handling film permits.”

Abel¬†wrote in her biography on the city’s Decatur Minute blog that she enjoyed working for the city.

“I love everything about working for the City and especially enjoy watching our City grow and thrive,” she wrote. “As the Special Events Coordinator, I am always looking for new and fresh ideas to bring to Decatur events.”

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  • CorbinsDad

    Good luck Katie,
    you did a great job.
    event coordinator for the CoD is a busy, busy hectic job and she pulled all the events off without a hitch.
    ever notice how smooth all the events, festivals etc. ran?
    thank Katie.
    no a small feat.

    Now maybe we will get to see Katie enjoying some of these events instead of just being the busy fixer!

  • Chris Billingsley

    I never met Ms Able but last year, when a movie crew was filming in the cemetery, one of the production supervisors praised her for helping the film go so smoothly. She said something like, “Trying to film in an Atlanta cemetery is difficult because of all the red tape but Decatur makes it easy and much of this is due to Katie.” And I’m posting this as a compliment. Having film production in Decatur helps the local economy and promotes the city in positive way (most of the time).
    Best of luck Katie Able!

  • Steve Vogel

    I saw Leeann Harvey recently, who used to do what Katy did, and she remarked that, for the first time in her career, she was getting holiday weekends off. It’s an exhausting job and we need to thank Katy for sticking with it as long as she did. Good luck with your future endeavors !

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