State Rep. Rahn Mayo to host Greenhaven cityhood forum

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt September 22, 2015
The new logo for the proposed city of Greenhaven.

The logo for the proposed city of Greenhaven.

Supporters of creating a new south DeKalb County city of Greenhaven will meet on Sept. 23 at an event hosted by state Rep. Rahn Mayo, D-Decatur.

The forum will take place at the Community Achievement Center located at 4522 Flat Shoals Parkway, Decatur, GA, 30034. It begins at 7 p.m.

The forum is being organized by Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South DeKalb, Inc.

According to a press release, “The forum will present varying viewpoints on forming a city and there will be a panel discussion to address questions about the proposed city of Greenhaven.”

The Greenhaven cityhood question is not on the ballot Nov. 3. Unlike the proposed cities of Tucker and LaVista Hills, Greenhaven’s enabling legislation didn’t make it out of the General Assembly this year.

The proposed city would have a population of 300,000, making it Georgia’s second-largest city. It would include everything in DeKalb south of U.S. 78 up to I-285, excluding a proposed city of Stonecrest, and everything south of Memorial Drive on the other side of 285.

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  • Cities Are Bad

    Stop the nonsense. Keep DeKalb Strong and prevent these cities from forming. All peoples need to come out to voice their anger at the eleimination of well paying jobs from Dekalb county at this upcoming rooha session. A city of Greenhaven will do nothing but starve the rest of the county of jobs and increase the unemployment rate. I dont think they even have enough money to have their own police like Tucker. City light is not a good choice. better to be Dekalb Strong!

    • MAC

      CAB, your statement about Tucker and police is a red herring fallacy. Your support of the county is noble, but why be disingenuous in your effort? Perhaps it’s desperation. Tucker is not and never has included police in its cityhood plans. It’s not a question of not having “enough money,” but rather, deliberately engaging a fiscally-responsible approach to Tucker’s cityhood model and conception. With two police precincts in its footprint (including the headquarters), the city of Tucker is happy to continue to be policed by DeKalb county rather than take on the expenses of building a city police force from scratch. Again, this is a deliberate choice in Tucker’s cityhood plans, not an afterthought. Contrary to your disingenuousness on this topic, the quest for cityhood is NOT incompatible with the desire for a strong DeKalb. In fact, it’s the most prudent approach. My Tucker neighbors support cityhood and will also work for a strong county once cityhood is achieved on Nov. 3. And yes, it’s a done deal…Tucker 2015!

  • Zip code Clarkston

    I had to miss this forum, but I hope Rep. Mayo will recognize that, while it may or may not be all to the good for the “Concerned Citizeens of South DeKalb,” as they were calling themselves last year, to incorporate, SOUTH DEKALB DOES NOT EXTEND ALL THE WAY TO US 78.

    Speaking for myself and a few others, we are far more oriented to Stone Mountain, Clarkston, or even Tucker than to South DeKalb, and would prefer to keep our options open to annexation into those entities. We already have one layer of distant government, why would we want to add a second layer geographically even more distant?

    Greenhaven should have a northern boundary of Memorial Drive, if not I-20.

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