Campaign finance forms released for new city supporters, opponents

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 28, 2015
Photo by Dena Mellick

Photo by Dena Mellick

Organizations behind the pro-and anti-cityhood movements in DeKalb County have reported raising over $80,000 for their respective causes, and spending tens of thousands on their respective campaigns.

The campaign forms are now available on the DeKalb County elections website and Decaturish is still sifting through them. You can see those forms by clicking here.

The election is Nov. 3.

The organizations filing forms are:

– LaVista Hills YES, and the LaVista Hills Alliance, supporters of the LaVista Hills cityhood proposal

– Tucker 2015, which supports the Tucker Cityhood proposal

– DeKalb Strong, the organization fighting against cityhood proposals in DeKalb County.

A note about DeKalb Strong. Originally the group filed as a non-candidate committee, which had earlier filing deadlines than the cityhood groups, which filed as ballot committees. DeKalb Strong treasurer Ron McCauley told Decaturish he has since registered DeKalb Strong as a ballot committee for conformity’s sake. DeKalb Strong’s form combines more recent donations with earlier donations disclosed on the state ethics website.

Here are some of the top donors for each organization:

LaVista Hills YES

Linda Edmonds, self-employed – $5,000 in-kind public relations services, $800 in cash donations

Jim Hutchinson, retired – $1,000

Mike Edelson, Alpharetta – $1,500 in-kind contribution for GIS and Mapping services

Tiffany Coleman and Josie Walton – $5,000 in-kind contribution for retainer for legal services

Bill Tomassi – $3,000, in-kind contribution for design and artwork services

City of Briarcliff Initiative – $1,685

LaVista Hills Alliance

Fran Millar, State Senator – $1,000

Rusty Reed – CEO of Charles Abbot Associates – $1,000

Jon Drysdale – partner, Lowe Engineers – $1,000

Kevin McComber – senior vice president of Clark Patterson Lee – $1,000

Rod Sieg – Owner, S&W Services of Atlanta – $1,000

Pamela Rosenberg – retired – $1,000

Ronald Stein – CFO Selig Enterprises – $1,000

Daniel Chapman – manager, U.S. Department of Labor – $2,100

William Riley – attorney, Riley McLendon – $1,000

Mary Kay Woodworth – $1,372, in-kind – payment for website, ad, events, office supplies

Elizabeth Hanfelt – $745, in-kind, website, PO Box, meeting space

Kevin Levitas – $1,593 in-kind, payment for room rental, security for meetings

Steve Schultz – $1,514, in-kind – Robocall meeting announcements, plus an additional $400 in in-kind contributions for voter data

Tucker 2015

Anne Lerner, PR consultant – $1,100, which includes a $500 contribution and a $600 advertising purchase reported as an in-kind contribution

Alexander Yusupov, attorney, – $850

James Spencer, Project Manager at Cox Communications – $1000, which includes a $900 in-kind contribution for “Fundraiser/4 nights accommodations”

Michael Schneider, anesthesiologist – $1,000

Primo Grills – in-kind contribution of $1,500 for “Fundraiser/Ceramic Grill”

Tucker Business Association – $1,000

Tucker Main Street Corp – $600

Orchard of Tucker senior living facility – $1,000 in-kind contribution for “fundraiser, staff/food/space”

DeKalb Strong

Gale Walldoorf, retired – $798

Edwin Ewing, retired – $1,200

Patricia Killingsworth, attorney – $2,500

Ron McCauley, retired, $1,200

Allen Moye, attorney, $2,000

Marjorie Snook, research librarian, $1,400

Douglas Dillard, attorney, $1,000

David Flint, attorney, $1,000

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  • Cities Are Bad

    So many lawyers and retired people in the list. Lawyers need jobs too and they want to keep the work they have with the county. It takes a long time to develop a relationship with the court system why mess with what works. Vote no in November and keep dekalb strong with jobs for lawyers and judges and court staffs and everyone involved with the county. Too many jobs at stake to risk losing them and having to start over with new judges and the like. Dekalb strong is losing on the money front so donate now so we can send out more mailers to keep up with the lavist people. They are killing us with calls and mailers and big words.

    • A Gok

      Sock puppet is back!

      • Bob Jackson

        What’s A Gok?

  • dmforman

    One thing missing from the Lavista Hills disclosures was the expense of John Garst, the lobbyist whose job it was to get Lavista Hills through the legislative process. He is co-owner of Rosetta Stone Communications with Steve Schultz. Even if it was an in-kind gift it should have been on the disclosure. Also he is not registered as a lobbyist for Lavista Hills. I do have voice mail proof of him calling himself a lobbyist, and since he is a lobbyist for other companies like Coleman Talley, he should know what paperwork needs to be done in order to be filed properly with the state.

    • RAJ

      Anyone willing to put a dollar value on personal relationships says much about themselves!

      • Eva Shaw

        RAJ. RaJ, RAJ

  • Ernest

    Appropriate Post from Bill Lowe on LaVista Hills Yes: “When I look at the list of names of those who donated hard cash and in-kind donations to improve the area that encompasses LaVista Hills: I see people and groups that are wanting to make changes for the better and willing to invest their own money and time for a chance at being able to make those improvements with a new city. Many of these folks have worked for years trying to enact effective change with DeKalb County Government to no avail. Those that are on the financial disclosure list should be congratulated no matter what the outcome of the vote on November 3rd. You are now named on paper as trying to make improvements to your area by building a new city.

    Congratulations go out to all supporters of improved services with a new city.”

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