Dear Decaturish – Another LaVista Hills limerick

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 19, 2015

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Dear Decaturish,

The proposed city of LaVista Hills
Can handily pay all its bills.
     The Carl Vinson study should be heeded
     No new taxes will be needed
And a surplus should end up in its tills.
People say a new city means more tax
But their analysis is awfully lax.
     About Brookhaven they said the same
     But their scare tactics ended up lame.
Its millage rate is now lower, not max.
Remember that LaVista Hills’ charter does say
That tax rates can’t be raised, no way
    Without a referendum vote
    So it’s important to note
That every citizen can vote aye or nay.
And the Bowers Report surely did show
What all of us needed to know:
     That too much of our tax bounty
     Was misspent by the county
To officials’ personal pockets did it go.
In truth, we must all confess
That county government’s become quite a mess.
     But our problems are surmountable
     With local officials more accountable
So let’s vote LaVista Hills Yes.

– Stan Chapman

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  • jo

    A newly created duplicate layer of government (Brookhaven) did the following, “Finally, after a battle with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other news outlets over public records, on Friday the city released documents that show public officials had issued false public statements about the complaint and altered a key document.” -Johnny Edwards AJC 6/15/15..Criminal acts were committed by the city’s elected officials!!! .Also the city lost how much on the cherry blossum festival; $100 thousand for a 2 day event; that’s one fifth of the 6 yr loss mentioned in the Bower’s report. Tonight the more government crowd will parade out Dunwoody’s police chief who recently said he doesnt have enough officers and his police dont offer all the services they should to tell us how great they are. Want more crime and fewer police then Lavista Hills is for you!

    • factivist

      Yep, spraying that Lysol in the office was really a dastardly deed! And what do they mean, spending money on a public event for the community?! Hrumph!

      • Marjorie Snook

        1) Sexually harassing an employee
        2) Threatening to fire her if she persisted with a complaint.
        3) Illegally photoshopping public records to hide not only the discussion of the complaint, but the city managers extensive complaints about the unprofessional, unethical, and difficult behavior of the mayor.

        All of these things are things that LVH is telling us are really no big deal at all!

        Considering that the city attorney who photoshopped the records is now the attorney for LaVista Hills, maybe they even think all of this behavior is good, and should be rewarded.

        • Dylan’s Rainbow

          LaVista Hills doesn’t have an attorney. LaVista Hills doesn’t exist.

          • Marjorie Snook

            LaVista Hills Alliance does.

        • factivist

          From what I read, it was one employee accusing a boss of spraying Lysol in the direction of a TOTALLY DIFFERENT employee, who refused to comment about the accusations. If I get mad at someone and accuse them of sexually harassing you, how does that second-hand thing work?

          • Russell Carleton

            It goes to the proper authority to investigate and everyone gets their say, both accuser and accused. It’s entirely possible that the incident was nothing and after investigation, if that’s what comes up, then that’s fine. The point is that someone made an accusation (and yes, the law allows for third parties to claim sexual harassment on the basis of a toxic work environment.) Rather than let that investigation process take place, documents were covered up.

  • HB

    Thanks Stan. Thanks Dan.
    I look forward to the referendum. It’s become cringeworthy on Nextdoor site in the last week with 2-3 housewives who insist on stepping on every post with lightweight “arguments against cityhood” based on nothing more than hand wringing. Even the “facts” they claim are actually speculative, but they don’t understand the difference. (Their answer to the intelligent posts keeps boiling down to “But we’ll still be in Dekalb!” Seriously.) People have tried to educate them politely, but they still aren’t grasping that the city building and county reform are different initiatives, with different goals.

    Personally I’m pleased: Their insistence on getting the last word on every post has backfired. It was a topic at the drinking hole last night how they’ve done more damage to the Dekalb Strong stance than anyone has managed so far. Luckily DS hasn’t reined them in. Keep up the fear mongering platitudes, girls! You’ve singlehandedly managed to sway two of my buddies over to voting YES!

    • Marjorie Snook

      If city building and county reform are different, than why is the biggest argument they are using to push their city county corruption?

    • Marjorie Snook

      I am not a housewife, although there is zero shame in being one. Your sexist language really damages your cause.

      Unfortunately, these kind of personal digs and ad hominem attacks seem to be a cornerstone of cityhood proponents arguments, just as illegal robocalls and anonymous mailers are the cornerstone of their campaign.

  • HB

    Another fishy thing. Notice how Dekalb Strong and their supporters ONLY want to kill Lavista HIlls? Not Stonecrest, Greenhaven or Tucker. It is such a curious and pointed vendatta that at this point that DS has discredited thir case by being so unobjective, coming off as having a personal issue against Woodworth and Levitas. (Which I do understand actually. But they aren’t who would be leading us. No one I know would vote for them either.) My household is looking forward to voting for decent leaders like Nancy Jester and Elena Parent.

    • jo

      No, I think they’ve publicly stated they were against Tucker cityhood. Stonecrest & Greenhaven arent on the ballot and voying for Nancy & Elena have nothing to with the city vote. It’s telling that you used the word “girls” and “housewifes” to discribe DS all the while you claim DS arguements are speculative.

      • HB

        Jo, on Nextdoor one uses one’s real name and photo. Granted, they may not all be housewives, but some are in my neighborhood. That was a snarky comment, admittedly, my bad. The problem is, when people try to gently correct their ‘logic’, too often it’s just back to generic platitudes. Obfuscation tactics are used when facts at hand are few.

        As far as I’ve seen, DS has not come out against the city of Tucker ever. (I have seen couple of individual posters mention it however.) LVH, for whatever reason, is their target. LVH is a vocal supporter of a city of Tucker.

    • Marjorie Snook

      Oh, and on Greenhaven: I have participated in a Greenhaven forum, and so has our supporter Ed Williams:

    • Marjorie Snook

      Also, Good Growth DeKalb did not disband. They actually had an event last week. So you are wrong about pretty much all of the statements you made.

  • HB

    Marjorie, I am glad to hear you say you folks are against all cities. But you can understand how that rings hollow to objective eyes, as aren’t you slamming the Tucker boards.

    The low intelligence tactics are really backfiring. Talking numbers and
    vision is what we need. But your group is banking on people joining your
    mob mentality through this spam offensive. Instead, you should be
    engaging more about serious topics, and using facts, not speculation,
    fear and opinion, to convince neighbors that having Dekalb control their
    zoning and development is somehow smarter than doing it for ourselves.

    Finally, the hypocrisy in your group is part of what turned a couple potential supporters I know away recently. It’s a bit embarassing. You complain about robocall spam (which you well know by now are not coming from LVH, and could just as well be coming from a non supporter, because the calls are meant to incite), all while spamming every public outlet you guys can find–just look at the Nextdoor site right now. And the content of these “arguments?” With a few notable exceptions, pure fluff. Who cares about the damn clip art they chose for a flyer? Most of us know it’s way cheaper and easier than obtaining photo releases for print. The hilarious irony is that your people were complaining that LVH was too cheap to pony up for a higher resolution image (which is totally unnecessary and a waste of funds.) If they had chosen a high-res shot, your people would have railed against wasteful spending.

    Now, tell us again why you prefer crooks who you didn’t elect and don’t represent you to make your neighborhood decisions for you–while pocketing a lion’s share of your money? Why you think they are smarter and more knowledgable about our issues than we are? Why you want them to tell you how it’s going to be around here rather than making these local decisions for ourselves?

    • Marjorie Snook

      I have participated in 14 informational forums, including four moderated by legislators. At those, we have talked in depth about the issues involved, including delving deeply into the specific numbers and facts. All of the facts in our brochure and that I use in our forums I can support with evidence.

      If you have decided to eschew all of those events and exclusively rely on social media sites like Nextdoor for your political information–it’s not normally the best avenue for high-minded discourse.

      • Dylan’s Rainbow

        But DeKalb Strong is finding Nextdoor to be a great street corner from which to peddle low-brow arguments and unsubstantiated accusations. Congratulations for lowering the bar for online discourse!

  • Cities Are Bad

    This poem is not true. Th county is not a mess. we just have messy people that get into some trouble. They arent going anywhere. Mr May is firm in his resolve and you people keep doing th good work for the sounthside. Dekalb strong is working on the right side of the battle. The side that has the majority of votes to keep our people in power forever.

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