Evans Fine Foods closing after nearly 70 years in business

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt October 26, 2015
Evans Fine Foods. Source: Google Street View.

Evans Fine Foods. Source: Google Street View.

A local institution that’s been serving the Druid Hills and Emory area for nearly 70 years will close its doors for good.

An employee of Evans Fine Foods has confirmed on Monday morning that the North Decatur Road restaurant will be shutting down. The employee did not know when Evans’ last day would be and asked a reporter to call back when the restaurant is less busy.

The restaurant is adjacent to the Publix at Emory Commons.

According to an archived version of the company’s website, the restaurant was opened by three brothers – John, Tom and Herb Evans – in the summer of 1946. They sold the diner in 1982 to “two hard-working Greek men”  Spyros Kontoes and Pete Costarides. They retained the original menu and expanded it a bit.

In 1993, the restaurant was taken over by Pete and Mike Kontoes, according to the website. They also brought in a third partner, Nehemiah Carzell

“In 1978, Evans Fine Foods was one of the first places to serve a chicken filet sandwich,” the website says. “We went one step further, smothering the filet with chicken gravy and called it the Smothered Chicken. The restaurant serves fresh vegetables, homemade desserts, and for breakfast serves the world’s best pancakes that you can eat without syrup.”

This story will be updated when more information becomes available.

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  • SB

    Landlord probably wants big rental rate increase and now will demo and build a small strip with 2 national quick-serve restaurants in its place. Sad.

  • Angela PM

    Kontoes are the landlords for the restaurant I do books for, so I can confirm that Evans is closing at the end of the month due to a massive rent increase. I am not positive if it’s THIS month or next month.

    • Jeff G

      So the Kontoes are landlords for another restaurant, but they aren’t landlords of the restaurant they own?

  • Susie Gentry

    Such a loss to the community. This family has served us well. Where else can you go that people really do know your name?!?!? The staff treat customers like family. Evans Fine Foods is one of a kind.

  • Kristen

    Nooooo! My kids LOVE this place. They call it “Best Pancakes in Town”. So sad…

  • HJacobs064

    I wonder if the rent increase has anything to do with the fact that the property owners anticipate the annexation into the city of Decatur. Hmmmm….

  • Terrynation Mark II


  • John Lattier

    Best vegetables I’ve ever had anywhere in my whole life. It’s a shame that the lone meat-n-veggies place is closing while burger-n-fries places thrive all around it.

  • Steveg700

    Could never understand the love for this place. Live here fifteen years and came here for dinner maybe once a year to see if anything changed. Nothing ever did. Service was always aloof and unsmiling. Menu was dull. Never had the famous pancakes, but food was prepared without TLC. They served sides in little bowls to make the portions look larger. Whole operation was on auto-pilot, which is what happens when management is never around. Many better places to eat around the Clairemont/N. Decatur intersection. I have high hopes that a better eatery will take its place. Seeya.

    • John

      If you’ve lived around Evans for fifteen years one would think you would know it’s spelled Clairmont, sir. And this restaurant was a staple in the local community!

      • Chris

        Ummm it’s actually spelled Clairemont.

        • Steveg700

          The whole Clairmont/Clairemont thing is a little convoluted. I live on Clairemont Ave, which branches off of Clairmont Rd. I’ve had mailing issues using both spellings.

      • Steveg700

        Shouldn’t something define a place as a “staple” beyond the fact that it’s been around a long time? This place really lacked any signature dishes or décor. I guess you and others found the staff more warm and engaging than I did.

    • Mike Kantor

      You sir do not have a clue what you’re talking about! I have eaten in this place for over 50 years. One of the owners is always there, the waitresses know everyone by first name and the food cannot be duplicated anywhere.
      This is the last of an old time diner and is a part of Decatur history that will be greatly missed. My 94 year old father who still eats at the place weekly is devastated. Notice you’re the only one who posted a negative comment. You’re probably a miserable person who doesn’t like anything.

  • Banyansmom

    The best meal of the day is breakfast. Pancakes are legendary. Country ham is done right. And they make lovely old-fashioned grilled cheese sandwiches. This is a real heartbreaker.

  • I don’t think that Evans has the contractual right to make this statement on their website today, but I recall that they were one of the first restaurants in the world to serve Chik-fil-A sandwiches. Back in those days there was no such thing as a Chik-fil-A stand-alone restaurant or mall-food-court restaurant. Chik-fil-A was a “jobber” that provided their sandwiches and cooking equipment to other restaurants to feature on their menus. I was born in 1964; my parents were in the habit of eating at Evans almost every week, and I went with them until I graduated high school in 1982.

  • factivist

    SO sad! Another piece of our local history will disappear with Evans no longer on that corner. We will miss you,folks!

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