Atlanta annexation subject of LaVista Hills mailer

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt November 3, 2015

A mailer related to the LaVista Hills cityhood vote offers a new reason for incorporating: protecting the proposed new city from being annexed by Atlanta.

The mailer features a picture of Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and says, “Atlanta Wants to Annex You.”

“Your senior property tax exemption is in danger,” the mailer adds.

Photo obtained via Facebook

Photo obtained via Facebook

The mailer in question references the overlapping boundaries between LaVista Hills and the proposal put forward by Together in Atlanta. The Together in Atlanta map encroaches upon some, but not all, of the LaVista Hills map.

Decaturish produced this map showing the conflicting boundaries between the cityhood and annexation proposals that were being considered by the state Legislature this year. Only the Tucker and LaVista Hills proposals made it on to the Nov. 3 ballot.

Some of the parents pursuing a Druid Hills Charter Cluster in DeKalb County had proposed annexing three of the schools – Briar Vista and Fernbank Elementary Schools, as well as Druid Hills High – into the city of Atlanta. If that happens, it could mean those schools would become part of Atlanta Public Schools. That annexation proposal didn’t succeed in making it out of the Legislature this year, but if the proposed cities of Tucker and LaVista Hills are approved in a Nov. 3 referendum, annexation is much more likely to be revisited.

Reed has said he supports annexation proposal, but did not actively campaign for it. The annexation proposal has been pushed primarily by members of Together in Atlanta.

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  • MediateIt

    I would like to add that, in order for Atlanta to annex any neighborhoods, it will require either a petition by 60% of the residents with 60% of the property, or a referendum of approval by 50% plus 1 of the voters. I just don’t see that happening unless LaVista Hills becomes a city and forces the remainder of our unincorporated areas between LaVista Hills and the City of Atlanta to have to look at the possibility.

  • spencer60

    This is so ridiculous.

    We need to simply recognize that ‘Atlanta’ is everything inside 285 and turn that whole area into the one city.

    At the same time you consolidate the same parts of Fulton and Dekalb into one new country, contiguous with the city border and with any leftovers being absorbed into adjacent counties.

    This Atlanta would be large enough to support itself and would have a wide and deep tax base. It would also be incredibly diverse socially and ethnically.

    Carving this area into a bunch of small cities and towns makes no sense at all.

    They don’t have the required tax-base and they generally are too small to get any kind of economy of scale on delivering goods and services.

    The article does show one good point though. This would need to be done by the state legislature, all at once.

    There would also need to be a city election in conjunction with the consolidation so people would feel they had representation from their areas of town, not the existing powers-that-be.

    Counties make sense for low-density, rural areas. Hardly today’s Atlanta (or even the suburbs around it).

    The drive towards cityhood is normal and positive, but it needs to happen in a way that doesn’t Balkanize the entire area.

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