Decatur improving sidewalk at Scott Boulevard and Coventry Road

Posted by Dan Whisenhunt December 21, 2016

A reader asks, “Any idea what is going on at the corner of Scott and Coventry? Are they finally making that intersection safer for pedestrians? Or is it just Google Fiber being installed? Hoping for the former as it is a scary walk and wait at those corners now.”

The reader sent along this photo of the work in progress:

According to¬†Assistant City Manager Lyn Menne, it’s the former.

“The city of Decatur has been working with the Georgia Department of Transportation on several projects along Scott Boulevard,” Menne said. “The right turn lane on Coventry is being removed to allow for a larger sidewalk area at that intersection to improve pedestrian safety.”

At its regular meeting on Monday, Dec. 19, the City Commission approved a change order to pay for the project.

“The largest single item is the addition of a new sidewalk at the northeast intersection of Coventry Road at Scott Boulevard,” a memo from assistant city manager David Junger says. “This is being coordinated with the Department of Transportation’s removal of the slip lane at this location and will fill in a gap in the sidewalk system on the north side of Coventry Road. The Coventry sidewalk was anticipated in the original budget recommendation for this project.”

The cost of adding the sidewalk is $42,400.

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