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As the price of Beltline real estate rises, so does concern about affordability

Posted by March 20, 2017

By Gabriel Owens, contributor With the continuous expansion and popularity of the Beltline, the dwindling available real estate has led to rising prices and even faster turnaround as property is snatched up at ever-increasing rates. While a boon to real estate developers and owners, the rising house prices and rent is slowly forcing out low-income […]

Decatur parents sound off on proposed school changes

Posted by March 14, 2017

This story has been updated.  By Gabriel Owens, contributor City Schools of Decatur held a public meeting yesterday at Decatur High School to go over three different proposed changes to the system’s elementary school configuration, proposed to be finalized next month. CSD is adding a new school on South Columbia Drive, and there’s a looming question about […]

Yo Joe! GI Joe fans invade Atlanta

Posted by March 13, 2017

This story has been updated. By Gabriel Owens, contributor Fans of the long-running toy line and cartoon series “GI Joe” and other pop culture icons dressed up and invaded the Marriott Century Center over the weekend for the Great Atlanta Toy Convention, also known as Joelanta. Running all weekend, this convention was originally created to […]

GI Joe Fans invade Atlanta this weekend

Posted by March 8, 2017

By Gabriel Owens, contributor Fans of the long-running toy line and cartoon series “GI Joe” can gear up in their fatigues and head to the Marriott Century Center this weekend for the Great Atlanta Toy Convention, also known as Joelanta. Running March 11-12, this convention celebrates the Hasbro toy property GI Joe. The convention covers […]

‘Imagine Memorial’ receives Atlanta Regional Commission funding

Posted by February 23, 2017

By Johanna Smith, contributor  Over 100 people gathered in the cafeteria of Drew Charter School this past Tuesday night to attend an Imagine Memorial update meeting. The project aims to overhaul and improve the corridor. They audience hailed from neighborhoods bordering the 5.5–mile stretch of Memorial Drive that comprises the Imagine Memorial project, which stretches from […]

Zero Mile – Many Borders and an Ocean

Posted by February 15, 2017

The Zero Mile Post marked the meeting of two railway lines and possibly the beginning of the city of Atlanta. Zero Mile is a series of fictionalized stories based on real life in Atlanta, Georgia. By Nicki Salcedo  They talk about those crossing the border. They mean for you to hear it. They think it […]

Clarkston event a valentine from immigrants to America

Posted by February 14, 2017

By Benjamin Kweskin, contributor Clarkston is considered the most diverse square mile in the United States, also dubbed the “Ellis Island of the South.” The city declared Feb. 14 “Clarkston Loves Refugees Day” and the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA) held a press conference in the city to discuss its 2016 report about immigrants and […]

Executive order on immigration worries Clarkston residents and elected officials

Posted by February 1, 2017

By Benjamin Kweskin, contributor The Clarkston City Council held a special called meeting on Jan. 31 concerning a recent Presidential Executive Order. The order affects refugees, green-card holders and dual citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. Clarkston has a large immigrant and refugee community and is one of the most diverse sities in the nation. Council members […]

Intersections – Last Stop Mayberry

Posted by February 1, 2017

By Nicki Salcedo, contributor  I’ve spent the past few years looking for goodness. I believe that people are good. Good things happen to me all the time. I meet people who aren’t like me in any way, and we can become friends. I believe in the importance of intersections. These are the places where you […]

Tucker City Council passes on redevelopment of Sears Outlet, for now

Posted by January 24, 2017

This story has been updated.  By Benjamin Kweskin, contributor  More than 200 residents attended Monday evening’s Tucker City Council meeting to weigh in on a multi-million dollar mixed-use project. But the City Council ultimately passed on the project, for now, because of concerns about sewer capacity and a proposal to give the developer a tax break. […]

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